• Notre Dame fire was probably caused by electrical short circuit, officials say
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Made another thread since I figured it was vital for the new title https://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-notre-dame-fire-cause-short-circuit-20190418-story.html
Not that that's going to stop the rumors otherwise. Granted even if we weren't in a shitty political climate that sort of thing would happen. Anyone remember TWA Flight 800? People still say it was a navy boat that shot it down when the most recent researched theories point to its own short circuit issue.
Whelp, there goes my theories.
No no no it was the mooslems
This is what happens when you neglect infrastructure for decades because "We don't want to pay for it". Honestly both the Catholic Church and the French Government should be ashamed.
I don't really see it as fair to the Church in that the government declares itself owner of the building on lease to the church for service but then goes to demand money from them for renovations that are more due to age and weather than of use of the building.
The french governement owns the building, not the church. The fire happened because of lights the renovation team had installed in the roof, when there's usually no electricity. Really isnt linked at all to reglect, more lack of security policy/quality of electrical setup. There were a lot of anti fire mesures that all failed because the fire spread too quickly.
its probably related to the restoration efforts actually. It just happens that you add so many more risks to the structure when you undergo the types of efforts they did to restore it.
This is just a ploy by greedy capitalistic electrical circuitry corporations
the big electric
Good fucking job industrial entrepreneurs. I hope having light and electricity was worth the Notre Dame.
How exactly are they suppose to work on renovations? By candlelight?
I was making fun of a post Orkel made in the original thread. I really didn't wanna add an /s, because the suggestion is ridiculous, but I suppose it might've been needed.
Famously less likely to start fires.
"It looked better before they put the spire on anyways" -Average indifferent stereotypical frenchman
Meanwhile a short circuit or a faulty piece of equipment was one of my top theories. It was the most likely given the circumstances imo.
It looked better before they put the spire on anyways
Said Axel in his stripy shirt, beret, and onion garland before absent mindedly tapping the ash out of a long cigarette holder into a nearby tourist's coffee and cycling a basket of baguettes back home.
12th century electrical circuits are notoriously dodgy, shoulda kept the 10th century ones.
Maybe they should stick to more traditional scented candles
It's an ancient building and uses no electricity to light itself, mostly because it doesn't need it. It already has sunlight for that, and candles, which is what they should have used. Candles are very much more than enough to light an interior by the way, as well as read and eat and eveything else you'll want to do. https://lordaroundtheworld.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Paris-Day-4-Notre-Dame-02.jpg?x87928 Fairly well lit However I will say though, now that the tops burned down, it's REALLY well lit https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-paris.jpg?quality=90
The electricity that created the fire was for renovations, not for permanent use for the Cathedral. Renovators have to see what they're working on with an absolute clarity that candlelight cannot give. On top of that, candles can't exactly be used out side for workers to see given the wind would just blow them out.
Electricity use caused a fire because of an accident, but you know what wouldn't have caused a fire? Literal fire.
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