• Journalist shot dead in Northern Ireland during rioting in the city
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https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47985469 A journalist has been shot dead during violence in Londonderry that police are treating as a "terrorist incident". Dissident republicans are being blamed for killing 29-year-old Lyra McKee during rioting after police searches in Derry's Creggan area on Thursday night. Petrol bombs were also thrown at police Land Rovers. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said the New IRA "are likely to be the ones behind this" and detectives have started a murder inquiry.
And why do you figure the Troubles appear to be starting again? Brexit?
Fuck them, journalists especially shpuld be off-limits. Fucking cowards and thuggish would-be nationalists just screwing people over to throw their weight around. Same goes for the likea of the UVF.
People who live in NI near the border I've spoken to have said they think violence returning is basically guaranteed if there's a hard border due to Brexit. The political situation is still really tenuous over there and it probably wouldn't take much to fully reignite tensions. I definitely think Brexit has contributed to this attack but there's probably more to it.
Oh fuck
On the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, no less. Disgusting.
Derry's been pretty bad for rioting the last few months, was only a matter of time before an innocent person got caught up in it. Horrible like, people here will just use it to inflame tensions more.
By the sound of it she wasn't targeted deliberately. The New IRA apparently were firing on and throwing improvised bombs at police vehicles, she was standing near one of them.
I knew the troubles were never really over. I have met a LOT of hardcore irish nationalists and you can't just turn off a feeling by signing a bit of paper.
Fuck them all the same, nobody deserves to be attacked either. That they only got other people hurt/injured as collateral doesn't make them any better.
"Gerry, we need to get the lads moving again and make a stand against the British government for a free Ireland, how do we get supporters on our side to do this?" "There's a riot in Derry, let's murders Journalist there, that'll get people on our side!" Fucking terrorist, give it time and they'll be bombing apartment complexes, killing families and making it like it's the British's fault cause they'll make a half ass statement like "We gave them a 2 hour notice that there was a bomb there and they didn't act."
Loads of folks in North Ireland are fucking pissed. https://twitter.com/Jake_Hanrahan/status/1119574234349670400
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