• Vic Mignogna Sues Funimation, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, Ronald Toye
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Voice actor Vic Mignogna filed a lawsuit against the anime distributor Funimation, voice actresses Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial, and Rial's fiancé Ronald Toye (whom the lawsuit alleges is "either a Funimation agent or employee") on Thursday in Tarrant County, Texas. Mignogna claims defamation, interference in existing contracts and prospective business relations, and civil conspiracy over the defendants' Twitter posts and Funimation's investigation against Mignogna for alleged sexual harassment. Mignogna is seeking "monetary relief over $1,000,000.00" in part due to Funimation no longer contracting him for future productions, as well as conventions canceling his appearances. Mignogna and his lawyer are also seeking "judgment against the Defendants for actual, consequential and punitive damages according to the claims ... in amounts to be determined on final hearing, pre- and post-judgment interest at the highest rate permitted by law, and costs of court" in addition to "such other and further relief to which he may be justly or equitably entitled" and "general relief." Mignogna is represented by Ty Beard of Beard Harris Bullock Hughes in Tyler, Texas. Anime News Network
Given how Rial and Marchi went birthday suit babaloo batshit over three public venues instead of presenting said evidence in a vetted and procedurally clean civil case like they should have, no big surprises. There's a reason Weinstein is probably going to jail, and it has nothing to do with twitter meltdowns or public allegations.
Rekieta Law goes over this, though I've not listened to them. There is hours of video out there. What I do know is that this situation is really dumb and funamation acted waaay prematurely
So he didn't do anything?
Whether or not he did anything, he's making the case that he was unfairly targeted, slandered, then punished for wrong doing that was not proven nor had substantial evidence to back it up.
Should sue Rooster Teeth too for prematurely firing him
My friends have talked about nothing BUT this, watching streams and videos and rooting for Funimation to burn to the ground, and sincerely believing it will happen because Sony owns Funi and can easily shut them down if they think the situation is bad enough. It's been obnoxious, especially since I just want politics and drama to stay the fuck away from my escapism. I want Vic to be vindicated for how bullshit the witch hunt has been, but I'm a Dragonball fan, and I'll be damned if I'll accept any other actors performing those roles. All the worse because Rooster Teeth fired him as Qrow too in RWBY, another beloved series our group talks about, so this situation has made things UNLIVABLE.
If you really think the Mignogna thing will cause the end of Funi, you do indeed sound like the kind of person who'd blindly defend him.
the guy also acted and ran the production of Star Trek Continues which is even weirder given what he's been accused of doing.
Except that’s not him saying that, but rather he’s just repeating what his friends talked about and believe will happen.
No, it's unlivable that all my friends bring this up all the time, I want to stay out of it, and I don't want anyone involved to get booted or shutdown, yet they seem to root for exactly the opposite. It makes for an awkward and stressful environment. And I'm not blindly defending him, but I believe he's been slandered to the moon and back because literally NOBODY has put forward any examples or evidence of wrongdoing that warrants the Twitter mob against him, and there have been MANY documented examples of people calling him homophobic and other shit to justify falsification and INTENT to falsify evidence against him. Point is, he's the one suing THEM, and their behavior and commentary hasn't been that of honest, good-faith actors. And this is from someone who would RATHER be wrong about that so that one person is rightly indicted and blacklisted, and not the bulk of an entire industry. Nothing would make me happier than to find the accusations against Vic were legit, but I'm not seeing it.
It would've been one thing to just have the allegations and base litigation, you know. But the sheer mobs of people rotating around this shit like bloodthirsty wolves looking for a bite is insane, and I remember the rumors of people on a discord channel trying to photoshop evidence to try to demonize him as much as possible.
Honestly, at this point, I don't really feel comfortable taking a side and would rather just not be involved in the drama, as someone who doesn't really know a whole lot of info about it. On one hand, I had someone on Discord telling me that Vic got consent from his fans to hug them and that all the allegations of inappropriate behavior were false. On the other hand, one of my siblings told me he saw footage from a while ago of Vic sexually touching fans without consent, and from the sounds of it, my brother's been paying attention to the whole thing for some years. I'm not really sure what to believe, honestly.
This is a really interesting case to me, because I'm highly curious as to what's going to come out of it. Because I do feel that the parties which accused him did jump the gun somewhat in regards to airing all this stuff at once, to the point where I can see why it does look like a targeted attack. But, at the same time, I personally think Vic is guilty. His inappropriate conduct has been known to most people in the anime convention scenes for about 15 years now, and there are plenty of accounts of his misbehaviour which you can find, even in early LiveJournal sites. His behaviour is an open secret and has been for ages. Even before all of this stuff broke out, he had already been banned from several conventions, and pretty much everybody who's worked at a convention that he's been to has some sort of Vic story. Some of these allegations come from people that have worked with him, even before he became a famous voice actor. I just find it really hard to think that over this long period of time, there's been some conspiracy where dozens of girls and women have been secretly plotting against this random guy whose biggest claim to fame is voicing Edward Elric and Broly. So yeah, I'm really curious as to how this case is going to turn out. I mean, if by some chance, it does turn out that he's innocent, good on him. But considering the amount of dirt and how long it's been happening, I personally really doubt it.
The "dirt" is unproven wrongdoing and unsubstantial evidence.
That's why I would like to see what comes out of this court case. I'm open to the idea of him being proven innocent. I'm just saying that corroborating accounts from dozens of people for over a decade and the fact that he had been blacklisted from conventions prior to all this is pretty damning, so the point that I have trouble believing that it's some sort of smear job. When two unrelated companies fire him after conducting their own internal investigations on the dude, that's also pretty damning. I don't think it's unsubstantial at all. At best, the issue is that he's some guy with some boundary issues. But again, for over ten years, he's been this guy with some boundary issues and people with complaints about this behaviour. It's not even a case of the MeToo climate or "SJWs" because his behaviour predates those concepts. At the end of the day, neither you or I know for sure, and I would honestly love to believe that the guy is innocent. But I can't. If he is, that's great, because then we can focus on the dozens of false accusations against this man that have built up over a decade.
I feel like this is like a needle in a hay stack type of scenario. Its hard to say, at one point. I want to believe Vic didnt do anything wrong, but then another part of me thinks he couldve possibly done something and with all these people trying to demonize him and smear him without any actual proof only just hurts the real people who could've been in this whole thing an been allegedly touched.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211478/8fda9115-5b89-4475-8372-129f2ec21fc5/image.png hmm
That...sounds like a joke a Dad of two would make. If he had said "I ate Monica out" then that would be too much, but with how this played out in the description it sounds like a groaned joke to tick your friends off.
dad jokes are to be punishable by death. crucify him until he meets hugh mungus in the afterlife.
I hate to see all this drama and in-fighting by the people who work together on content I enjoy, especially when it's based on all these unproven allegations. I wish this entire mess had never happened. Especially since while at first I was willing to believe that Vic did something, the longer this drags on the more it seems like people are relentlessly trying to sling dirt on the guy for what seems like a misunderstanding at the worst at this point. I don't believe the allegations anymore. Now I already knew that Jamie Marchi was a nut, but I expected better of Monica Rial. Chris Sabat is throwing a fit over it too, which is a shame to see. I really hope he and Monica are just going along with this because it's what expected of them in this "guilty until proven innocent" atmosphere about sexual allegations and not because they actually buy into it. Even so, this is gonna leave some sort of permanent rift.
clearly he meant to say "I just fuckin vored monica"
Or even "I ate Monica's bean".
You'd be surprised by how many shitstains have always been involved in productions across the franchise's history, including Gene Roddenberry himself to a degree. For a franchise that's meant to spread awareness of progressive values, a lot of its creators and content-creating fanbase seem to miss that memo.
Wow that's horrible how dare he
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