• ATM Gang Spree: Two more ATM's robbed, gang placed spikes to delay emergency re.
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https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/gang-behind-atm-robbery-placed-spikes-outside-garda-station-to-prevent-emergency-response-38031727.html The crime group who carried out a ‘professional and organised’ robbery of two ATMs with a digger placed spikes outside a local garda station to prevent a quick emergency response. Two ATMs were ripped from separate banks on the town’s John Street before the raiders fled in separate vehicles. The digger and tractor used in the raids were stolen overnight in separate counties. The digger was taken from a field in Meath, while the JCB fastrac tractor and trailer, used to transport the excavator to the scene, were stolen in the Louth area. Two similar robberies of cash machines were carried out in Antrim and Armagh overnight, bringing to 18 the number of ATM raids on both sides of the border so far this year. The senior investigator said that efforts were made to delay the garda response- understood to have been spikes placed near the garda station- but these were unsuccessful. These guys are unstoppable it seems. Clearly it pays off well if it became such a common and easy job (18th ATM this year and we are only 4 months in).
im surprised theft of atms doesn't happen more often considering they can hold a cheeky 100k and just sit there unattended all day
ATMs are built like tanks and have GPS locators on them which usually catches these sorts of criminals pretty quickly.
In the distant way of looking at things like a work of fiction its kinda fucking badass. It'd make a cool episode or two of a cop drama or something. But in reality they need to be caught because they are absolutely a danger to people around them tearing in to buildings with heavy machinery, throwing out road hazards.
I'm more impressed with the fact that they managed to steal and tow away a big ass trailer holding a backhoe and not be caught or even noticed, and even bring it all the way to the crime scene and still not be caught or noticed. That shit ain't exactly low profile.
These guys should quit now. When you're a thief, have a goal in mind. A certain amount, or a certain number of jobs. Once you hit either, get out. Don't let greed drive you until you're caught I would think all ATMs would have some sort of tracking device in them by now. Guess not
You could probably just dump it in the back of a vehicle rigged with a faraday cage I guess.
my guess is they're probably using something to jam it, or they have insider knowledge about the transmitter system or some other flaw like this particular bank not having them or them not working.
Just one more job! Then we can sail away to Tahiti!
So we just living in GTA now
This shit is not difficult. We have google patents and manufacturers give out manuals like their candy. As an example I'm going to dig up dirt on the Genmenga G2500 vending machine: Oh look a operator manual on the genmenga site: http://ftp.genmega.com/Manuals/Genmega_G2500_Manual_2012.pdf Oh hey spare keys for all their kiosks, there's even a master key for all their products on the front page: Genmega I didn't even have to look up the patent number for this shit.
the problem with tech thief's is that they're so successful we don't hear about it. Its been known for years that mafia sized groups have the means to basically make ATMs into free money machines and they have the network of mules to collect the cash without ever setting foot on the street. just one example
I know I just don't know why all the televised outlets are so silent about it.
The video has emerged https://old.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/bfaqo7/video_of_atm_theft_showing_how_it_was_done/ Holy fuck, the entire ordeal only took 3 minutes.
what is it with ireland and using diggers to rob shit? they did the same thing with that lidl last year. ireland's off its shits
oh so police need to be on the lookout for a blacked out van with a really big sunroof?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/229956/d41546dd-e76c-48e9-9683-ea8eee731d5d/Screenshot_2019-04-22 Heat (1995) - Armored Truck Robbery Scene (1440p) - YouTube.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/229956/2e5221ad-fb61-43d2-aea6-549ca7bd610c/Screenshot_2019-04-22 Heat (1995) - Armored Truck Robbery Scene (1440p) - YouTube(1).png Amazed nobody else made this reference.
It's like gambling. When you do it once and feel that adrenaline, you're locked in. "Maybe I can get a bigger take this time".
Wouldn't the digger cost more than the money they can get from the ATMs? And it can probably be traced.
Stealing and then selling a stolen digger will take far longer and leave more of a trail than just busting open atms
From the article sumarry; The digger and tractor used in the raids were stolen overnight in separate counties. The digger was taken from a field in Meath...
Garda response time in rural Ireland is absolutely shit. They've closed a number of stations in smaller towns due to budget cuts. There's a huge problem as well with rural gangs stealing farming machinery.
think of it like this: you see a truck with a digger on the trailer, is your first thought "damn someone's stealing that?" or "oh that is mildly to not very interesting at all, must be some construction"?
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