• Troy Baker calls out Randy for lying about Rhys role in borderlands 3.
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https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2019/04/18/borderlands-3-rhys-troy-baker-2/ I didn’t say I wasn’t coming back. I said I would love to come back. [Gearbox] said I wasn’t coming back. Their timeline tells an interesting story, so I… I think it’s interesting that Randy Pitchford tweeted out that I turned it down. And, then, he said he “heard” that I turned it down… I would fact-check before I tweeted out to the internet.
Randy Pitchford is a liar and full of shit- willing to shift blame and fan complaints on everyone and everything but himself. Wow, what a surprise.
Pitchfork funnelled away money that was meant for Aliens CM and into Borderlands 2, resulting in a shit product that he won't even take the blame for to this day. You shouldn't ever trust his word at face-value.
So wait what's the running tally now? Colonial Marines shitshow Epic Games comments and/or fiasco Lying about Ryhs Something about weird porn left on a thumbdrive(?) Anything else?
Terrible singer and lousy magician
Probably making a Battleborn porn reddit and acting like he didn't to try and hop on Overwatch's porn-fueled success.
Had an assistant who stole 3 millions from him.
He said Gabe and him are poker buddies and he came up with the name "Valve" .
oh god, I forgot how terrible that one show of his was
shame mindless drones are still going to buy the game and keep supporting people like randy
The more I hear about BL3 development the less interested I am in actually buying it. Which is a shame because they have a really cool world and concept and the fact that there's a continued storyline happening here is improvement. Seems like a "bargain bin at a independent used game shop in three years with a couple of friends" kind of purchase. I'd love a peek into randy's brain and try to figure out why he feels the need to lie cheat and steal compulsively.
You wanna go through every game developer you've ever bought from and find out if there are any shitty people in them and eat your own words?
Majority of devs dont suck the money/time from one game and lie to that entire playerbase to fund their personal project.
I have no doubt that the heads of companies I have bought from have done shitty stuff. However, I doubt very many have the persistence and severity of such as Randy Pitchford. The closest I can think of off the top of my head is Denis Dyack, who ran a similar hustle to Randy's A:CM stunt, and that man is (rightfully) a pariah because of it and other similar actions.
nah. ill just stick to not buying any games from Gearbox until randy resigns or is fired.
Not absolving Randy of anything, just don't think games should be held hostage by the actions of one man. If the game is enjoyable and you want to play it, it doesn't make you a mindless drone because there's a huge piece of shit on the dev team.
How is that a hard thing to do? I don't like EA, so I haven't bought a single thing from them other than BF3, 4 and NFS2015 lately. Ubisoft doesn't really has any games that I enjoy, since The Division isn't my cup of tea, AssCreeds aren't fun either imo, Farcry is meh, and the games that I do like, wildlands and siege, I already have for a while now. Same for Activision, and they made it even easier with all battlenet products since they locked me out of my account because I used a fake name and technicaly can't prove its me, disregarding owning literaly every single piece of info of the account, but whatever... In this case? If I really want the game, its gonna be a day 1 purchase only when it gets to Steam, because fuck EGS obviously. If shit keeps on piling up, I'll buy it when its discounted aswell. I think theres a serious issue with people nowadays, as they want to get every game on day one, many won't even bother finding out if the game's ok, and they don't give a shit about how bad the customer is treated.
Kept 9 million in management bonus for himself to grab real estate in San Francisco.
I doubt with Gearbox being a AAA developer that the actual working employees (ie: not higher ups) get many/any royalties when the games actually sell. I think I remember reading that Randy even diverted more of the sale money to his own pockets from his lawsuit.
it wouldn't be the first time randy lied out of his ass about something, idk how this dude still deludes himself into believing he has any credibility lmao
GBX pay is industry scale, bonuses are not; which is why people stay at GBX, which is why bonus situations have resulted in internecine acrimony.
I wish something would come out of that “CP on my USB for magic trick study” thing
No offence, but don't blame this on one group of people. This is an industry problem. People are trying to do the right thing constantly by not supporting groups that use bad business practice, lie about their games, or overall are just scumbags. But it's come to a point now where people are expected to avoid basically every major games company, and the only ones they can play are made by companies that don't make games anymore. I.e Valve. How can you expect the "Average Joe" who wants to do the right thing to avoid; Gearbox Games Epic Games Store EA UPlay/Ubisoft Any game with micro-transactions You are basically telling them they shouldn't play 99% of games coming out. Which while there are good intentions behind it to overall better the industry and show companies that they can't get away with shitty business practices and behaviour, it's not very realistic is it? This is not just a Gearbox, EGS, EA, or Ubisoft problem. It is an overall industry problem.
yes? there are plenty more games on the market outside of bloated AAA-titles. people could perhaps expand their views and maintain a modicum of integrity instead of selling out because "new game good old game bad"
This is like saying there's plenty of small car brands out there ofther than GM/Ford without listening to why people but GM/Ford. Yeah, there is other things to buy, but there is a reason AAA became a thing.
If randy was fired all that would happen is crazy earl would have a slightly different voice in borderlands 4.
Randy should really just shut up. It would be good for him.
I get where you're coming from but calling people "mindless drones" because they don't come to the same conclusions you do isn't cool, man. I'm waiting to get the game on Steam because I don't want to support their EGS bullshit but in the grand scheme of things I don't feel like permanently boycotting a game I've been waiting on for the better part of a decade because of one guy being a sleazy corporate dickbag. Does that mean I support what he's doing? Fuck no, I hope the stockholders kick his ass to the curb. But to be perfectly honest it's gotten tiresome that enjoying Borderlands and wanting to play it is just "not okay" because it unfortunately supports someone on the gaming community's shit list, especially when Randy would probably be the last person at gearbox negatively impacted by a boycott. I get that you're mad, I'm right there with you, but please at least be fair.
That is being fair. This industry is corrupt to the bone and needs to be burned to the ground in its entirity.
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