• Troy Baker calls out Randy for lying about Rhys role in borderlands 3.
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I wonder how closely Jack was based on pitchford.
With all this shit, it's almost 1:1, you know, minus the murder and all.
Well, yeah, but I meant fair to each other.
Cringey Jack more like it
I'm counting Aliens: Colonial Marines as a murder.
Personally I just don't want a repeat of what happened with Borderlands 2 where people were completely justifiably pissed off about what happened with A:CM but took their aggression out on the players because they were more accessible for harassment than the people who actually did anything wrong. That's literally all I'm asking. I mean in this case we at least know the controversies going in? I bought my copy of BL2 on launch day, months before the issues with A:CM hit and I still got called the fuck out like I somehow knowingly fueled the whole thing personally. It got bad enough that I would just go offline if I ever wanted to play it because it wasn't worth getting messages from people telling me what a piece of shit I was.
eh, at least Jack was a likeable villain. Pitchford is just an annoying prick.
Now here's the thing, if you followed every pro-consumer recommendation on the internet out there you would very quickly find much of what you like is suddenly off the cards. You can't get borderlands elsewhere or from somewhere not with Randy's filthy tendrils in it, if borderlands is what you want you either indirectly give money to that man or take a hike. However if borderlands 3 IS what you want and you don't actually care that some card trick shittalking fucko on twitter with a fancy desk in the company somewhere gets a few of your pennies then that doesn't make you Hitler. Ultimately these guys will try to screw a few more pennies out of any hole they can and unless you somehow make it into politics or become an influential speaker what you do won't add up to much so all I can say is don't let facepunch dictate to you what's right and wrong and what you can and can't do. Personally I'll be adopting my standard policy of "wait a week till after a game I want launches and see what the general consensus is."
I mean yeah that's kinda how I feel but I kinda got lambasted on Discord over it so I'm just gonna back off and decide on it later. If I get any version of the game it would be the Steam version which is coming out a full six months later so hopefully by that point I'll know exactly what I'm getting into, if anything.
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