• Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway to Roll into Disneyland Park in 2022
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Looks like they also sneaked a delay announcement for the Walt Disney World version in there as well, since it is Spring 2020 now.
Kinda nice to see some stuff made based on the classics, after all the Star Wars/Avatar/Frozen stuff
It's weird how much they focus on their current IPs, but unsurprising. I like to think we'll get new classic looney tunes or some shit some day. The humor in those holds up well even today, I love em.
Disney would have to buy Warner Bros. before that would happen.
It warms my heart so much that Roger Rabbit is still sticking around after all these years. I was so sure that Galaxy's Edge or Marvel Land would end it.
DHS is going to be even more insane now. The whole point of MMRR going into Great Movie Ride's building was to get it open in time for Star Wars. Freaking ridiculous.
I have a weird feeling Rise of the Resistance won't be open in Hollywood Studios this year either to give Disneyland's version time to shine. It is going to be one bumpy time for cast members.
They wouldn't, I was commenting on the use of old IPs in addition to new ones, and it would be nice to see this trend elsewhere.
There's little reason to let one version of a ride "shine" over the other, especially when they're exact copies and both parks need as much capacity as possible. Martin just mentioned the wifi issues for the vehicles has recently been solved and RotR has hit "test and adjust". He still thinks December for DHS. I'm going down in July and don't plan on doing much because of crowds and heading back down at the end of September literally for Illuminations and Epcot Forever. If I can get good access to SWGE, great. If not, I'll pass. I'll be one less person for CMs to deal with.
I'm really surprised they aren't replacing Roger Rabbit but that's great news. 2 attractions in a land people say was dead. I hope the rest of the land gets a new coat of paint.
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