• Randy Pitchford claims Steam might be a dying platform in 5-10 years.
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https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/04/gearboxs-pitchford-steam-may-be-a-dying-store-in-5-to-10-years/ Before Epic came into the platform picture, Pitchford says, "a huge amount of the value that Valve has generated [through Steam] has been used to enrich the handful of people who own and manage the company... They’ve been able to do this because they haven’t had to worry about it. There has been no viable competitor to Steam. They have had no external force sufficient to challenge their revenue share and no external force sufficient to motivate a sufficient reinvestment of revenue." Pitchford sees Epic as "the only guys who can really come along to disrupt Steam’s monopoly and help all this get fixed... From a track record point of view, my expectation is that Epic’s investment in technology will outpace Valve’s substantially. When we look back at Steam in five or ten years, it may look like a dying store and other, competitive stores, will be the place to be." If he wants to put his money where his mouth is, he would stick to epic with his titles and see how well that goes for him.
Says the man who chose Epic over a moneymaker
The earth "might be" destroyed by a meteor in 5-10 years "might be" is not a prediction
Oh no no no, didn't you hear, the choice wasn't Randy's at all! He said he had no say in it! /s
Pitchford sees Epic as "the only guys who can really come along to disrupt Steam’s monopoly and help all this get fixed Randy clearly doesn't know the definition of the word monopoly.
The Epic launcher doesn't even support resuming downloads, if you close it you lose your download progress. Who the fuck does this?
yeah the service that tens of millions of people use daily, has been alive and strong since 2004, and is the main games platform of probably 80-90% of anyone playing on PC, is going to be dead in 5 years. great joke randy, what's next?
Assuming Valve keeps doing what they are doing? A broken clock is right twice a day. RELEASE SOME GAMES, VALVE ARTIFACT DOES NOT COUNT - WHO THE FUCK WANTED A SHITTY ASS CARD GAME?
Lmao anyone who takes Randy seriously is an idiot
Valve’s reputation as a develop may have tanked, but Steam has been doing just fine these past few years without Valve putting out jack shit.
Fucking christ the Bethesda downloader used to do this, I couldn't download Quake Champions because their servers were so bad it'd take me like 12 hours. I don't know if they still do, I hope not.
What does a single publisher on a platform have to do with the platform itself Steam is not going to live and die by Valve's titles mate
Epic may want that, but they'll be sued long before then because they are actively pushing monopolistic, anti-competitive practices that will get them kicked to the curb.
What does that have to do with digital distribution? I hate Artifact aswell, but that had nothing to do with Steam. Also wondering why people want so goddamn much for Steam's "monopoly" to end. I guess taking customers back to the stone age over extra money is ok by them!
Because I don't think we'll be seeing Valve titles on the Epic Gamestore, and if you think "Timed exclusives" are the worst you're going to get with Epic then son I got news for you. Because I think it's pretty clear that if Epic manages to topple Steam's dominance, then you'll start seeing games that are just exclusive on Epic's platform. There's good news though. Valve might finally be releasing games. For VR. Which is still miles ahead of what they have been doing.
He sounds like the Trump of video games. With a whole lot less power obviously.
Another time I get to bring up the fact that this is coming from Randy “Valve destroys small developers, just ignore the fact that I am actively bankrupting three small developers who I outsourced Colonial Marines to” Pitchford
Thats a battle only customers can decide, but customers are too fucking dumb to wait for the exclusive contract to wear off and buy it on steam, and actually show that customers have a say in how they want their products. Valve games have literaly nothing to do with it. Its the quality of the distribution that works here.
So you actually believe that the only way Steam can stay afloat is by releasing Valve games because every other game is going to Epic Oooooookay
Ah yes Randy, we'll kill the "monopoly" by building another even worse, less consumer friendly, monopoly. Galaxy brain logic right there
little bit of on the nose projection there don't ya think randy
Where was this fortune teller insight when you made BattleBorne Randy.
He probably didn't. Doesn't mean he doesn't have to align with his owners though. They probably want all the public figures in the company to say Steam is worse.
Can we sacrifice Pitchford instead?
The sad thing is that he's such a dimwit at business that he doesn't even know what a monopoly is If steam was a monopoly, it'd be owned by a bigger company Amazon, which would also own GoG, microsoft store, Humble Bundle, EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and literally every other company that has any digital store at all, as well as physical stores as well, like Best Buy, Gamestop, etc. In fact Best Buy might not even sell games AT ALL. So basically imagine if you could only go to Steam for games no matter where you went in America. Literally no other stores exist no matter how hard you look, not even obscure retailers because every time they pop up they'd be bought out by Amazon and rebranded as Steam.
I know just the place: https://noobproguide.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/gunbringer-shrine-pic-2-from-youtube-halaster-channel.jpg
Gotta wonder what Randy thinks about Halo coming to Steam.
he's just throwing shit at random into the air at this point, disregarding everything said against it Epic is literaly bribing into doing their bidings, basically doing what could be considered as anti-consumer actions in the end, and Epic itself got rich from scamming people with overpriced hats.
That Epic money must be pretty good.
This is the same man who tanked two companies by fucking them over and then ran with their dev money to put in his own pet project. Seriously; don't buy Borderlands 3. I don't care HOW MANY devs will languish, this man has been abusing shit for years.
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