• Randy Pitchford claims Steam might be a dying platform in 5-10 years.
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Oh boy, it's this article again. As I've written in other places - some of the stuff he says makes sense IMO. My problem with his arguments is that they hinge on a gamble that Epic will actually flesh out their store in five months - and that is a huge risk, to which he follows up with "Borderlands pulls its weight and that weight tips the scales in our favor" - which again, isn't completely asinine. if Epic has any salt in their heads they'll actually fall for 2K / Pitchford's trap ( if it makes sense ) and if they don't - EPIC end up looking like idiots, the game is coming to Steam half a year later anyways, and they kissed their UE4 usage license fee / royalty (depending on agreement) goodbye in exchange of... most copies being sold on Steam
PlayOnline, the launcher client for Final Fantasy XI, was and still is basically the worst piece of software ever created by anyone other than Microsoft. And even it had download resumption. IN TWO THOUSAND FUCKING FOUR Catching up to the second page, I see that at least it now has download resumption so that's one basic feature it's mastered, at some point or another. Personally I'm not even going to pirate. Pirating one of his games is like saying "well I don't actually have to pay to be infected with this HIV here". The cost of entry isn't the issue
Wow this man is just as Arrogant as he is Greedy. The fact he's trying to come up with a legit excuse for selling out at this point is comical, it really is laughable now. The way I see it, these companies and greedy CEOs show to me the companies we need to avoid as a whole. Costed them 120 million dollars to make the game? Well all they'll get is a 127 million with a 120 coming from Epic and 7 from real sales.
Valve doesnt exactly work in a way that stuff like artifact gets shelved because "its just a card game". Granted that also let the shitty monitisation systems through but thats just how valve is. They didnt full stop every other game they may have developed at the time to work on artifact. Artifact was like any other project at valve just that. A project. Just for some reasons they managed to finish artifact and not the 20 larger titles they tried developing ( which includes the repeated attempts at sequels and so forth). Possibly because "its just a card game". Artifact is a piece of shit because of various reasons but it was simply a result of its inherit simplicity compared to a shooter and how valve works. I dont see how steam is related to this at all. The steam team is small but it does work on things that get released, including developer and consumer services/toolkits&other content. Meanwhile epic spends most of its time circlejerking in their corner and throwing their fortnite money at everything that might seem helpful except basic features any store should have. Oh and also spy on people I guess. Ill take valve over these fuckers any day even if valve never does anything substantial again ever except update steam every ~3 months.
I keep getting pissed at people complaining about steam reviews and "having your game next to Digital Homicide trash" kind of stuff. As if that shit matters. If your game is good, then it sells. Borderlands 2 could be next door to fucking Satan on a trycicle, it would still sell like hotcakes, as it did.
Gearbox deserves a better fucking CEO... Working as a software dev, to actually see my name on a bit of documentation about some software that people will use and knowing that I've actually done something that will extend beyond my sphere of existence is a rather good feeling and it could be utterly trounced by the idea of "despite all the good stuff I did, thanks to the company boss wiping his dick on a keyboard and posting the result to twitter everything thinks that everything we have made is now boiled bowel cancer and the responsible thing to do is to not touch the stuff I worked hard on with a 12ft barge pole." it would just crush me and make me want to quit. What would be the point? What would be the fucking point where even if I worked my butt raw to make the BEST possible thing I could and nobody wants to touch it because it partially vindicates some bastard who had absolutely no hand in it. If they released a version of the game that was twice the price but Randy explicitly doesn't get a penny from it I would seriously consider buying two copies just to stick both fingers to the slimy ball of cunt hair.
I could not give less of a shit if Valve released another game so long as Steam is still good. Because Steam the platform and Valve the developer havent had any direct correlation for many years now to me. Epics model is brain dead fucking retarded for anything other than a massive shotgun approach to clawing its way into the public consciousness, its 110% unsustainable because its a pure net loss on every title they buy into their store. They just bribe devs to put it there, then do shit like guaranteed sales (read: they buy copies of the game so it hits a predetermined sales figure). But, you see, they've already failed. Why? Because their service is shit, Fortnite isnt a longterm consumerbase, and the company is just a giant PR nightmare. If anyones going to fizzle out sooner rather than later its them, not Steam. Consumers want whats best for the consumer, and Steam beats Epic in that regard an day of the week. Once again i believe my theory that this sudden wave of people who are adamntly defending and/or promoting the Epic Game Store are more or less just mad about Half-Life.
I mean, this is not a far fetched statement at all. It might be, it might not be. 5 - 10 years is a lot in the tech world.
While a lot can happen in 5-10 years, it takes a special kind of disaster for a company the size of Valve with a product like Steam to just kick the bucket. They still have the biggest market share by far and even if they'd stop turning a profit they can probably keep it rolling for years on the money they have in reserve at this point. By that logic, Google COULD go bankrupt and Youtube COULD get shut down, but considering their current position I don't see it as a very probable outcome.
I think it's pretty far-fetched that Steam would go from the dominant force on the PC digital distribution market to dying in 5-10 years, even if Epic's plan to starve them of high-profile releases by throwing money around works. There's just too much momentum, too many users, too many games for Steam to crash that hard that quickly.
Meanwhile on steam half my library is greyed out and "not installed" and my bandwidth is too poor to redownload them all even though I have the files all local and on my machine.
It should detect them or at least it did for me. I had an incident where my C drive had to be wiped and at the time I had no internet for a few months which meant all my E drive steam games couldn't be played (except for the ones I could crack). When I got internet back and installed steam again it detected my E drive games when I added the E drive Steam folder to the Steam library folders thing in the downloads setting and I didn't have to redownload them (aside from having to do some updates). Thank fuck too cuz I have DSL (hooray for the only cable company in my area fucking me over so now I have to use DSL from a different service provider) and redownloading some of them would take a good while.
If they actually plan to compete with Steam they need to add more features to the Epic platform. It lacks so many basic features. Whether you’re talking about reviews, community related items, downloads, etc, etc. It’s very barebones. I mean hell even navigating the store is annoying. There’s other platforms that aren’t Steam doing it better than the Epic store. Frankly I’ve yet to buy anything on it. The only thing positive is the monthly free games.
Epic not saving downloads and resuming etc is such bullshit. Not letting you pause/unpause a download and deleting the progress if it crashes/you close it is just basic idiocy these days
It's mindblowing to think that this man is at the head of the company who made Opposing force and blue force.
If you watch Noclip's documentary on Half-Life, particularly the segments about Counter-Strike: Condition Zero then it makes a little more sense why Randy has such a hate-boner for Valve. In a nutshell, Valve were absolutely fucking terrible to work with on CS:CZ, treated Randy and Gearbox like total shit, and threw out all their work. In this segment in particular, Randy goes into detail about how Valve kept pulling them along and constantly telling Gearbox to change directions, before Randy finally just told them to fuck off. Given what we've seen of Randy's personality over the years, and especially over the last weeks, I don't think it's too far-fetched to think that Randy can still be bitter over how Valve treated him and his all those years ago, and that he's soaking in the schadenfreude of what he believes to be Valve finally getting theirs.
It's on 3 different drives various games say they aren't installed. I read about a month ago that there's some sort of bookkeeping file format steam uses and people had success editing it whenever the SPUF thread took place, I didn't try it though because it looked really tedious and I don't know how steam DRM works, I know they're all legitimate but I don't want to be false positived because I was trying to screw around with those kind of files.
So he's willing to single-handedly throw away his entire fanbase because he's butthurt about something that was literally 20 years ago?
I'd be willing to believe it. Never underestimate how far a petty person is willing to dig their own grave for the sake of spite.
The massive amount of irony of Randy bitching about being dragged around with development when he put multiple devs out of business with colonial marines is absolutely gold.
I haven't watched the video so tell me if I might be wrong but is it possible that since randy today is a big lying liar that he was also lying about how Valve treated him with CS:CZ?
The issue is that does sound like Valve's MO. However Randy doesn't have a leg to stand on because 2 years prior to that they were the ones who did the terrible port job of 007: Nightfire to PC.
To be honest it sorta fits an exagerated profile of Valve's usual process. Valve has long been known, even before people really knew of the flat structure, for being disorganized in its development methods and having high, and bizarre, standards. It wouldn't come as a surprise if, as the game was being developed either Gearbox shifted from what Valve was envisioning and Valve kept trying to tug the leash to keep them focused, or Valve was having a continual, gradual shift in goals for the project. Both would be entirely fitting of Valve and neither actively malevolent like Randy wants to portray. Also Randy is a gigantic egotistical ass who cannot stand to be questioned or ordered around. He thinks he hung the fucking moon. So thats also a big factor I suspect.
Really all Valve has to do is continue making their platform even better (they're in the lead here) and Iunno, maybe release some games? Some standout VR games even? Stuff people want? Then all this talk about Epic being Steam's big competitor will die. EGS will still exist but Steam will prove itself. Now if Valve keeps doing what it often appears to be doing (being lazy, or appearing to be such)? Then.. yeah no I'm sorry, but 'bribing' developers as people here like to call it is going to pay off. I'd like to remind people that it's not something they can do forever, but having killer apps is needed this early in its lifetime. No, I would not be using Steam if Gmod did not require it about a decade ago and I think a lot of others are with me.
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