• Petition to remove 2nd-grade teacher after 'absolutely pathetic' comment on quiz
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Petition calls for removal of 2nd https://c-7npsfqifvt34x24jnh-t-nto-dpnx2eblbnbjafex2eofu.g01.msn.com/g00/3_c-7x78x78x78.nto.dpn_/c-7NPSFQIFVT34x24iuuqtx3ax2fx2fjnh-t-nto-dpn.blbnbjafe.ofux2fufoboux2fbnqx2ffoujuzjex2fCCX6o7X.jnhx3fix3d2191x26x78x3d2031x26nx3d7x26rx3d71x26px3dgx26mx3dgx26yx3d945x26zx3d491x26j21d.nbslx3djnbhf_$/$/$/$/$ A petition calling for the termination of a second-grade teacher at a Pennsylvania public school has garnered more than 7,000 signatures after a social media post regarding her feedback to a student went viral. Chris Piland took to Facebook to voice his displeasure with his son's second-grade teacher at Valley View Elementary School — identified as Alyssa Rupp Bohenek by the Scranton Times-Tribune — after she wrote a remark on a math assignment. Written in red ink above the assignment, which features 50 subtraction problems, the teacher allegedly wrote of the 7-year-old’s work: "Absolutely pathetic. He answered 13 in 3 min! Sad." Who in the fuck would think this was remotely appropriate
Yeah, get her out of her teaching role. Who knows how she's treating the kids or talking to them in class.
The only thing pathetic here is her shitty teaching lmao
Kid obviously needs help, the way this teacher marked it I dont think he will get it.
Fuck this teacher. I hope she's get removed for good. But if she is in tenure, then it's going to be a lot harder to remove her from the school.
I can see why she would have that view. What's gonna happen when that kid grows, up, enters the working world and is met with a sheet of 60 subtraction questions that he has to complete in three minutes - as I'm sure all of us have experienced.
It's not a teachers place to be calling a young student "pathetic" when he obviously needs help.
Dude you totally missed the point of the joke
People like you are why /s is unfortunately still necessary.
Absolutely pathetic he missed the sarcasm in the post! Sad! 🙁
That's a bit more accusatory than necessary. We all get it wrong sometimes. It's not "people like him"
13 problems in 3 minutes isn't even bad? It's 2nd grade ffs. My niece is struggling with math too because of teachers (and my brother/sister-in-law for that matter) being absolutely shit at teaching.
Not to mention the ultra destructive effect it may have upon self esteem, especially with a subject as ultra unforgiving and as uncompromising as math. Blatantly being called out as retarded after fucking up a math question is literally the worst feeling ever, especially if the question is meant to be extremely easy.
It's also worth noting that of those 13, he got 11 of them right. What's more important? Taking your time and doing it well, or rushing through it in three minutes and fucking it up?
I missed the joke. My bad sure, but no need to be hostile about it.
aw fuck I remember these stupid sheets in my school. Teacher always accused me of being lazy cause I only got like 10 of 100 done in 4 seconds and its like hey bitch maybe you should've stopped me from eating all the fuckin crayons instead of calling me lazy. I sympathize with the kid, being insulted by a teacher sucks and they should absolutely be fucking fired for doing so. I also sympathize with him cause those sheets were fucking impossible for anyone who isn't a child prodigy.
Absolutely Pathetic. There's 15 there dude, 13 is how many he got right. Sad
You forgot the 🙁
Absolutely pathetic, some of the worst teaching I've ever seen, it literally emulates Donald J. Trumps mentally retarded speech patterns too. Sad.
One of the ones he got wrong was a sign error too (addition instead of subtration) but was otherwise correct assuming the error. All that speaks to is reading the question carefully, not really a strict "math" error.
Did she confirm she wrote it? The Facebook post is no longer available.
Once, when I was in first grade, I was handed a worksheet with loads of subtraction problems. It was pretty much exactly like this. If I remember correctly, I only finished two problems by the end of the time limit. It wasn't because I didn't know how, it was more because I was tired and unmotivated, so I just didn't do it. The teacher made a big show of calling my mom about it and getting a parent teacher conference so that they could talk about my "lack of effort" in school. But I can totally understand why this teacher would be so horrified to see only 13 problems completed, I mean, just look at how I turned out... I teach sixth grade.
the only time a teacher should call a kid absolutely pathetic is if they lose a game of knifey spoony
Pretty much the last thing you'd ever want to do is make a child feel like their self-esteem is destroyed, it can pretty much fuck up their then-life and leave a bad impression on them in the future, you fuckhead of a teacher.
Wouldn't be surprised if using rhetoric like this is becoming more common because people see the leader of our country doing it
While it might be absolutely pathetic, you don't handle the situation like this. Talk to the kid, find out what's going on, help him out... this might just make it worse.
She took up this role as a teacher because she only has a 2nd grade education herself
Why the fuck are you blaming the teacher? The kid caused his own bad grades by taking too long , something that's a big no-no ESPECIALLY when he more than likely saw the fucking teacher timing him.
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