• Petition to remove 2nd-grade teacher after 'absolutely pathetic' comment on quiz
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Is there proof that the teacher actually wrote it? The wording is just so surreal to me. It's so hard to take it seriously.
I feel personally attacked.
I had a teacher in elementary school tell me that she could ruin my day any time she wanted and there was nothing I could do about it. Some teachers are fucking crazy
Had a teacher once who hated the class clown so much in one of my high school classes that he confiscated his phone and then "accidentally dropped it down 2 flights of stairs" and gave it back to him the next school day broken and the teacher didn't get in trouble in the slightest
I do remember these sorts of timed tests. I do not remember them fondly. But I was sent home with many extra and did get better.
I had a similar teacher in 4th grade that absolutely hated my antics and literally locked me in a classroom by myself for an entire day as everyone else was doing some fun outdoors activity as punishment. Kids can be assholes but why you gotta go medieval on their ass?
THat, and some people's brains just don't math very well. Like mine. I'd be lucky to get that quiz done in 15 minutes now. Second grade me likely owuld have needed an hour or more, and prolly still would have gotten a fair few wrong.
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