• [Op] The PlayStation 5 and all-digital Xbox One S represent disparate futures.
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Hell some versions of Monkey Island came out on eleven floppy discs.
UT2004 Editor's Choice came on 10 CDs if I remember correctly. Digital distribution is definitely my preferred purchase method, but I'm lucky to have a 200TB monthly cap and 150Mbps download speed. Otherwise I think I'd be fucked, games are compressed rarely nowadays (lossless compression is a thing game devs!) and day one patches, expansions, DLC etc. add up and need to be downloaded over the internet. I think in rural areas of America more and more companies moving to digital distribution would be a good kick in the pants for ISPs but I doubt it'd affect their bottom line. Hopefully satellite internet becomes faster and more available since I think that's the only way some people will ever get fast internet in bumfuck nowhere.
Yeah...but we'd mostly gotten away from that for a while. With only a few games needing extra discs. We're kinda approaching the point where dual-layer BD isn't quite big enough for some games. Not without absurd levels of compression at least.
And yet you're in the US? Either you're an employee of your ISP, in Silicon Valley, or your monthly payment requires human sacrifice.
I live in CT, in one of the areas that has Comcast. I pay around $100 a month, and while they advertise 150Mbps I generally get around 105 Mbps or less, which is about 13 MB/s or so. I just get internet with that, no cable or phone - my dad bundles app three and is around $150 a month with DVR and HD channels. If I lived in certain parts of my town, I'd be stuck with Frontier, which is cheaper, but I think their max is 25Mbps and they have issues with outages and poor connection quality. Those are our only two options. Basically a duopoly unless you want to use a personal hotspot for internet and good luck getting acceptable ping or speeds with 4G or less.
Oh that's just grand. And yet I live less then ten miles out from their global headquarters and pay $170+ for my triple-play plan... and my speed only goes up to the same 25Mbps you'd get from your cheap Frontier option. And my dad's a former employee who got laid off right after they bought NBC for several billion. Rat bastards!
I'm just lucky we have fucking RCN in my area.
Damn, I must be really lucky to get 1Gigabit for $90 from AT&T. I have no idea what forced them to upgrade their infrastructure. They were the first ISP to offer gigabit fiber in my city. They at least much forced Comcast to be more competitive in the area.
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