• Ohio prison guards laughed as white supremacist stabbed black inmates
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https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/crime/crime-and-courts/2019/04/17/ohio-guards-laughed-supremacist-stabbed-cuffed-black-inmates-suit-says/3502969002/ An Ohio prison staff acted with callous indifference as a white supremacist attacked four black inmates handcuffed to a table, according to a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month in the Southern District of Ohio. Two correctional officers, identified only by their surnames, Faye and Dalton, laughed as the four black inmates were brutally stabbed in June 2017, the suit says. The incident was captured on surveillance footage and viewed by millions. Reinke is identified in the suit as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, a violent white supremacist group. Guards "gave Reinke a key" or "knew or should have known that Reinke" had a key or device to unlock his handcuffs. After one victim escaped his cuffs and tackled Reinke, guards pepper-sprayed the victim and not Reinke. At one point, one of the guards said, "We should just let them die." Reinke was sentenced to 54 years in the bloody attack, video of which was obtained by the Associated Press and went viral late last year. Reinke was already serving a life sentence for a 2004 Cleveland murder before the stabbings.
"Don't worry guys, White Supremacy is just an overinflated problem in the United States, they've been on the decline for years now". ...continues to sweat profusely
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yndfqN1VKhY Ah, classic.
White supremacy and specifically AB is bigger in prisons then it is out in the "Real world" per say. AB started off as a prison gang..usually they recruit inside of prison. Once AB members get released from prison they maintain membership. Usually you get murdered if you leave cause your oath is suppose to be for life. While the news article is pretty disturbing, prison life isn't exactly the same as the outside world. Blacks join black gangs, hispanics join hispanic gangs, and whites join white gangs. All the gangs are fairly segregated and specifically attack guards or rivals. AB just happens to be one of the biggest and violent prison gang in the U.S. The prison guards are just sick and maybe had some type of grudge with the other inmates. Or worse they actually ended up sharing ideals of AB and basically work for them covertly. But, prison intel units are pretty good at figuring out which guards are corrupt. Doesn't mean people slip through the cracks though, specially if their supervisor is in on it. Doesn't change the fact your point is correct. It isn't on a decline, it is on a uptick.
Reinke was sentenced to an additional 32 years behind bars for an attack about eight months later on a corrections officer. Prosecutors said Reinke and another inmate stabbed the officer 32 times. Reinke was already serving a life sentence for a 2004 Cleveland murder before the stabbings. The AP recently reported Reinke is on a hunger strike because he believes he's being mistreated in prison. He can starve
This seems awfully familiar, have we had a thread about this already?
Different incident, in a city lock up, not prison.
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