• Ohio church apologizes after pastor tells kids to cut and spit on him
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https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/439870-ohio-church-issues-apology-after-pastor-tells-kids-to-cut-and A church in Ohio apologized this week for what it called an “inappropriate” Easter lesson about the crucifixion of Jesus after an associate pastor told students to spit on him and cut him. In footage obtained by NBC News, Jaddeus Dempsey, an associate pastor at at Impact City Church in Pataskala, could be seen urging students to cut him with a steak knife and slap him as part of their youth group session on Monday.  “He was like, I don’t want you to go crazy with it,” Ai’Janae Parker, 12, recalled hearing Dempsey tell her and other students during the lesson, “but I do want you to slice it down my back and make me bleed.” Parker said the whole demonstration made her feel “weird” and told NBC News that “Jesus did that for us so we wouldn’t have to go through it. And that’s the part I don’t understand.”  Justin Ross, the lead pastor at the church, said in a video shared on the church’s Facebook page a day after the incident that he found the lesson "inappropriate.” The church said it plans to conduct a follow-up investigation into the incident, according to NBC News.
How in the world is that suppose to teach anything? Sounds like this pastor doesn't think ahead any. “My intention was just to show them how much Jesus loved them," he continued. You pretty much failed at that.
It's his fetish
Either that, or he's so unbelievably naive and blind. Considering I've spent most of my life in Ohio, and met a lot of people here, I wouldn't rule out the latter.
He's definitely a masochist.
Fuck it, why not go the whole mile and preach a sermon while nailed to a cross.
Iirc there are some people who nail themselves to crosses to see how Jesus suffered. They cheat though because they stand on a little plank on the bottom. But their hands are nailed in.
Yep, happens in the Phillipines every Good Friday. Very NSFW, contains images of people nailed to crosses, flogging and mutilation.
IIRC they do this in Chile as well.
Didn't the real deal have a plank at the bottom as well? Just at an incline so that the victim dies eventually but enough to make it last longer.
I bet this dude was hard as a fucking rock
Subjective to each execution. There were some crucifixions that just used a pole, with the victim's arms nailed directly up above them, with no crossbeam. Other crucifixions didn't even use nails, the victim was just tied up. People assume there were only one method because the one described in Christianity is so prevalent to everyone's mind. IIRC the Romans didn't even invent crucifixion, they just made it a very popular way to execute people as they seem to have a hobby out of making people suffer before they die.
This has been a thing for about, oh, 2k years.
and then have a Roman soldier stab him in the ribs with a spear to end it.
He was already dead when he was stabbed. The stab was to check that it actually had had happened. As the story goes, Christ died pretty quick on the cross which was not the norm. But he was also beaten and flogged beforehand, probably exhausting him to his body's limits anyway.
Ah, thank you, little rusty on my Bible lit.
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