• 'Church' to offer 'miracle cure' despite FDA warnings against drinking bleach
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I'm on mobile and couldn't read the whole title but bleach was not what I was expecting. A whoooooole lotta people are about to have a slow painful death, or a permanently fucked stomach.
In a video posted on the “church’s” website, Grenon says that the “sacramental protocols” sold by the group can eliminate 95% of the world’s diseases, including malaria, ebola, dengue fever, all types of cancer, diabetes, autism, HIV and multiple sclerosis. It sells 4oz bottles of sodium chlorite as “sacramental cleansing water” for $15, giving instructions on how to mix it with citric acid to make chlorine dioxide. I guess killing someone is a way to deal with those disease.
Oh look, it's Miracle Mineral Solution again why am I not surprised. Shit's all over alternative medicine. This was suggested to be as a cure for multiple sclerosis by an 'alternative medicine practitioner.' I'd like to point out I didn't ask for their advice.
It should be illegal for the kids to be forced to drink bleach. The parents, however, should be free to drink as much as they want. They'd probably be doing their kids a favor.
These people should be imprisoned for doing something so clearly deceiving, and harmful. It's just abhorrent to claim that it can do things it absolutely can't. But I bet nobody will do anything because it's a religious group, and that immediately has a stigma. Nevertheless, they clearly know what a load of crap it is, but it seems like all they're willing to do right now is wag their fingers instead of stopping this group from potentially taking advantage of the desperate and uninformed.
What the? These people need to be arrested.
Imagine having to say this without sarcasm or irony...
Amazing how people are going straight to stuff that almost literaly says "dun drink it, it gon kill u good!"
If you die that just means you didn't believe hard enough
hey now, one need not go to church to learn of the wonders of Borax https://images.homedepot-static.com/productImages/212f8b03-54ee-419b-ad78-fdebb27ef341/svn/20-mule-team-fabric-softeners-2340000201-64_1000.jpg
I'm pretty sure shit like this and anti-vaxxers are a real-life idiot cull. This shit is just fucking bonkers.
Seriously, what is it with all these “miracle cures” for things like diseases and other things like Autism or whatever that involve drinking fuckin’ bleach?
Bleach is healthy though: https://youtu.be/V9psFtbw4Gg
Either the 'church' is really fucked up or really idiotic
It wouldn't bother me as much if they didn't do it to their kids. I mean, it still would, but...
is 4chan behind this?
No reason it can't be both.
it's true; bleach cured my asthma
The “church” is asking attendants of the meeting to “donate” $450 each, or $800 per couple, in exchange for receiving membership to the organization as well as packages of the bleach Sounds like it's just a massive money making scam that will end up killing people. The "church" seems like a knock-off scientology pyramid scheme using the facade of religion in order to empty people's wallets.
Call SWAT on these assholes, this is totally unacceptable.
If you wanna learn more about this stuff (some NSFW): https://youtu.be/nfjwkTXoSFo
Myles is one of my favourite debunking channels because he seems to do thorough research and it's interesting to learn about all the stuff people think will work to treat them.
This sounds like the kind of thing someone would come up with as a sort of darwinism-esque idiot cull. Y'know, tell them to drink bleach and if they're dumb enough to believe it their genes are removed from the gene pool. I'm having a hard time believing the people peddling this shit genuinely believe in it, but as depressing as the notion may be, they very well might. But hey, if you're a consenting adult by all means, drink all the bleach you want. Just don't force your potentially fatal stupidity on your children.
Isn't he also a chemist, which gives him even more credibility.
Shouldn't there be a moral prerogative to prevent all people from making terrible, especially life-threatening choices, not just children? Just because adults are consenting does not mean they know any better than a child would.
I guess death is a pretty effective cure against anything.
Creepy fact, people who drink that bleach say that the "worms" are coming out of their bodies, which in reality are burned layers of intestines, imagine you take a potato peeler and scrub your intestines, same result.
Absolutely, a major effort should be made to educate people about what Chlorine Dioxide does to the human body and to refute all claims made by quack "healers" and criminally prosecute those profiting from making false claims about the medicinal benefits of literal poison. Beyond that though, if they absolutely refuse to be educated in that regard, I don't think they should be treated like children, they should be allowed to make the decision for themselves if they want to drink bleach as absolutely ridiculous as that sounds.
Dumb people are still people, though.
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