• Tesla files restraining order against short seller after erratic driving
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Earlier this week a Model 3 was spotted filming a self-driving demo ahead of Tesla’s autonomy investor event on Monday.  Curiously, we heard about this through a TSLA short-seller.  As it turns out, discussion following this tweet in the TSLA short community ended up focusing on the possibility of intentionally causing accidents in order to discredit Tesla ahead of the event. But that’s not all.  According to a legal filing by Tesla in Alameda county courthouse yesterday, found by enn_nafnlaus on twitter, the individuals behind the short-seller’s twitter account have engaged in a pattern of harassment and stalking of Tesla property and employees and Tesla has officially sought a restraining order against them. The relevant twitter account is run by two brothers who live in Fremont, one of whom works for VW’s advanced technology research center in Palo Alto.  ... At one point, one of the brothers was found trespassing on Tesla property and apparently struck a Tesla employee with his car, a white Acura, while driving away.  The employee was able to capture a photo of the driver, who did not stop after striking the employee.  Fremont police were called and attempted to deliver a warning to the driver not to trespass further on Tesla property. The most recent incident was on April 16th.  While Tesla was filming a demo on public roads, one of the brothers, witnessed the demo being filmed and followed them.  During the drive, the crew of Tesla employees apparently witnessed erratic and dangerous driving behavior from a white Acura, which at one point triggered the Tesla’s side collision avoidance system.  The Tesla crew were concerned enough that they called the police despite having no prior knowledge of the brothers’ pattern of behavior towards Tesla. ... In response to this filing, the twitter account associated with the brothers tweeted earlier today: I will not rest. This is my promise. Tesla is a zero. @elonmusk will go to prison. https://electrek.co/2019/04/20/tesla-shorts-threaten-accidents-restraining-order/
What the fuck could you possibly have against the fucking employees of the company because the CEO is a dick on Twitter?
Tesla is notorious for ruining the day of short sellers
These guys sound mentally ill reading the full list of accusations: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A90654697-62a5-4780-8a1c-d93afba76cf8
Why is there a community over this? Give it up, morons. You lost and Tesla isn't going anywhere. Especially when you blatantly try to sabotage them for your short to pay off.
lol what a dickhead I'm not that much of a fan of tesla but doing that shit is fucked
I'm not at all versed in investment type stuff, but isn't basically fabricating events and news for the purpose of shorting like super illegal? I can't imagine it's not.
You would think so but the SEC don't seem particularly bothered.
People do this all of the time, I just don't think any of them are this stupid.
this has been happening for awhile; investors are purposely targeting Elon (despite elons' idiocy) and Tesla, and have been for awhile. No matter that those investors are illegally shortselling, the SEC has actually been challenging Tesla in court because of the investors l u l. I love it that our government is ran by wallets.
Could be considered fraud I believe, Tesla could sue and I'm surprised they aren't.
The mentality have against automatic cars is absolutely retarded and almost apish People will even bitch about the *1 in 10000000 deaths caused in an automatic car over the 1 in 100 caused by human drivers *Not actual stats, just 'made up' examples, as the number of deaths is indeed FAR lower
i can see it now: "1 in 100000000 deaths where one of the cars involved was autonomous and in those 1 in 1000 of those crashes caused by human error" -- RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
well the stats you just said label 99.9% of crashes with autonomous cars as being the car software's fault
Man some of the replies to this tweet... Lol is this a parody universe?? https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1119761927440220160?s=19 https://twitter.com/markbspiegel/status/1119764442722570240?s=19 https://twitter.com/PlugInFUD/status/1119763867574439936?s=19 https://twitter.com/PlainSite/status/1119762688723173376?s=19 https://twitter.com/ArtkoCapital/status/1119763885886590976?s=19
Doesn't mark spiegel have millions in tesla shorts? Tesla failing is
Ah yes, Elon Musk is personally responsible for irresponsible Tesla drivers not understanding or caring for the limitations of experimental technology and acting with due diligence when driving.
"We're taking the moral high ground but we are also betting on your failure so no conflict of internal interest here." Like elon can be a dickhead on twitter sometimes but electronic self driving cars are the fuckin future and you're "old man yells at cloud" tier douchebag if you're cheering on his failure. To the point where people are hoaxing injuries by autopilot to sabotage the company.
I actually think 99.9% sounds more menacing than 100%
As someone with no idea what a short seller is, can someone TLDR this and the term?
as I understand it, short selling means selling shares and then buying them again at a lower price afterwards, so he's trying to get Tesla's self driving shit to fuck up so that the media talks about it and the stock value goes down
Kind of, but it's a little more insidious. You borrow stock from someone else on credit and sell it immediately with the belief that the value will fall, then when/if the value does fall, you can buy the stocks back and return them, keeping the money you made from selling them when they were high. Many people shorted TSLA back around the Model S (and then subsequently Model 3) announcements, due to those points representing a large jump in TSLA's stock price. However, the value never really fell and now those people are on the hook for thousands of dollars in lost share value.
Yeah, his fund was down 18% in 2018.
Perma-bears are fucking dumb.
I don't even understand half the shit they are referring to? Killed tons of people, committed crimes, wasteing taxpayer dollars? It just seems like they are pulling shit out of their ass.
afaik: one person died to a car mistaking a truck's raised cargo for a traffic light, killing them many others died or crashed due to their own irresponsibility while behind the wheel there was that questionable/illegal thing Elon did regarding talking about deals before it was finalized or something i'm guessing taxpayer dollars refers to electric vehicle subsidies
Elon owns car company + people die in said cars eventually = Elon is a literal murderer This is seemingly the logic. Doesn't matter that the Teslas top the NHTSA safety charts.
People have been trying to drag Musk through the mud forever. Long ago when Tesla was young, a jet crashed carrying some executive employees, killing them. People blamed Elon for it because he asked for them to meet in person, going as far as to call him a killer/murderer. For a plane crash. I'm naturally skeptical of negative news about Elon and his companies since powerful people have been trying to destroy him for so long. The UAW spends like $400,000 a year on Tesla "projects", the Koch Brothers have funded campaigns against Tesla and EVs, and there are think tanks that maintain websites against Elon that regurgitate fake news. The Sunlight Project | Citizens for the Republic Stop Elon From Failing Again – Stop Elon Musk From Failing Again Koch brothers launch new misinformation campaign against electri.. Electric cars make powerful people angry. https://cleantechnica.com/2017/07/28/tesla-death-watch-hahaha/ https://cleantechnica.com/2019/04/21/teslas-11th-death-anniversary-no-joke/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IM-cleantechnica+%28CleanTechnica%29 "This quarter will be the end of Elon's career, says increasingly nervous short seller seller for the 40th time this decade"
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