• Live updates: Easter Day bombs kill 138 in attacks on Sri Lankan churches, hotel
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awful to happen on such a day.. people may not know that sri lanka has quite a lot of christians too. this coming off the bat from the civil war is horrendous.. the atrocities of the tamil tigers were dispicable, I hope it isn't a ressurgence of that.
Update: The BBC are reporting a new 7th blast occuring in Dehiwala, Colombo on their livefeed
Why can't we all just get along..
Reading stuff like this is always a bit surreal, even when it’s this far away from your daily life. Like who the fuck wants nothing but to do evil stuff like this? It makes zero sense. Yet obviously it keeps happening.
Because my god is better than your god fuck you
>:( ill bomb not you, but hundreds of other people in return! But seriously, why don't people realise this just breeds more hate and fuels a war into an endless ordeal...
You can't expect extremists to think logically.
They do, they want war lol
My imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend.
Is there a lot of religious tension in Sri Lanka? Indont know how much of a surprise these attacks are.
From what I read on wikipedia, 70% of the country is Buddhist, second largest faith is Islam, with just under 10% of the population being Christian, of which majority are Catholic. In a 2008 poll, 99% of Sri Lankans said religion played an important part in their life, making it a super religious nation. I can only imagine this inevitably results in tensions.
I'm surprised of the lack of attention this thread is getting, 200+ people is a massive terrorist attack.
Why people are considering this to be a religious attack? Unless something new has been discovered no one knows yet who are behind this attack, they targeted hotels and shopping centers as well.
Because in Sri Lanka specifically, Buddhists have been committing genocide since pretty much the beginning of the civil war. The Tigers killed civilans too, but not on the scale the government had during and even after the war.
here the headlines are focused on the climate change protest than the 600+ people attacked. all because the country is brown..
I never said the people were shit? It is a shithole, that doesn't mean they aren't working to change it, it doesn't mean they won't change it. But pretending that it's something it isn't does no one any good. My friend wouldn't have had to steal money from her "husband" to flee the country if she hadn't been sold to him at a young age and then savagely beaten and raped basically daily if the country wasn't a shit hole to some degree...
Not to mention the summer 2017 Mogadishu bombing, killing over 400 in one fell swoop.
Well for the most part, I'm not, I'm aware its a terrible tragedy, but I think people, which this forum mostly comprises of, live in safe, western styled democracy that hadn't had much unrest or massive issues like terror attacks. Its not that people don't feel sad, its just that many don't live in the same conditions as other people who suffer the brunt of such terror attacks. A lot of factors come into place, economy and overall safety of the locations, cultures, religion harmony etc. I mean I'm sure most would feel more emotional to a terror attack on the mainland of US or somewhere in Europe because either you live there, traveled there, or know about the place.
Not relatable enough. I bet most people can't even place Sri Lanka on a map.
so imply the government is shit don't say the entire country is a shithole. the people are what make the country too.
several millions of people will be killed by climate change
Christ theres so much to learn about a simple tiny square in the world. Had no idea of such a conflict. Like at all.
At time of that post it was Easter morning/afternoon here, people are probably busy. I know I just now saw this with the festivities winding down.
yet you post on a forum
https://twitter.com/AzzamAmeen/status/1120007921469984768 They're still very tight lipped on who might be involved. only thing they say is that it's religious extremists.
One of my colleagues is Sri Lankan and this was her story of how she came to Australia. It was such a sad story,
in other news, this could be an islamic terror attack according to a memo circulated by the police the BBC managed to get hold of Reference to the letter of the defence ministry with regard to the above and the statement of IGP dated 2019.04.09 ref : STAFF05/IGP/PS/OUT/2860/19,   2. We would like to draw your special attention to the a page no 2 to 4 of the statement of the State Intelligence service stating that information has been received regarding an alleged plan of  suicidal attack by the leader of  ' Nations Thawahid Jaman ' Mohomad Saharan .   3. According to information of that statement ,would like you to give special attention and inform your staff to provide special security measures to the areas covered by your division.    Priyalal Dissanayake Deputy Inspector General of Police
In a way, sadly, I don't think it can be reduced to 'it's not that people don't feel sad'. I'm sure people on Facepunch care, sympathise, and know this to be a terrible event from which they hope families and the community can recover. But I know a disturbing amount of people in life that genuinely don't care, and that goes beyond the limited emotional attachment one has to a tragedy in another country. Sri Lanka isn't the kind of country to be mentioned in daily household circulation, at least not in the west. It's horrible, but there are those who do not care because they can't connect with a country that, to them, might as well be another planet. You can call it whatever you like, but I do think it's a real issue; too many people think the west = the world.
CBS on television said that the hotels were probably targets not because of the foreigners but because it traditionally holds Easter dinners for Christians on Sundays. The 30 or so foreigners killed were more or less collateral damage, not the intended targets.
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