• Live updates: Easter Day bombs kill 138 in attacks on Sri Lankan churches, hotel
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It's not about friends, it's one group trying to get an evolutionary advantage over another by removing genes from a gene pool. This is a game people are willing to participate in when they're allowed and pressured to because of our evolutionary programming. People fricking love war, that's what's horrifying about it.
Sri Lanka is an amazing country that overcame a horrific war. I don't think it's just about the west thinking they're the only relevant people in the world, I think it's more to do with lack of education about the world in general.
Police report they found 87 explosive detonators at the bus terminal. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-sri-lanka-blasts-detonators/sri-lanka-police-find-87-bomb-detonators-at-bus-station-spokesman-idUKKCN1RY0MI
Not sure if already posted but 3 policemen were killed during a raid to arrest suspects. One of the suspects blew themselves up rather than be arrested.
https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/22/three-children-of-danish-billionaire-killed-in-sri-lanka-attacks.html Losing three of your kids in a terrorist attack has to be heartbreaking even if you're a billionaire.
The "discourse" about this on Reddit is unbelievable. They actually think that discussion is being suppressed because the perps were likely Muslim.
I don't think you need the "even if you're a billionaire"-part in there, mate.
Because its not unlikely that its true? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNm9JZ_joBE
It seems to be a pretty common misunderstanding of evolution where people seem to think it's this nearly god-like force driving every single conscious and unconscious action, competely disregarding the emergent properties of society and self-awareness.
I can see how you can say that from that one quote I've put out. It's not misunderstanding, it's rather typical for every theory to have an outlook on the whole world. But of course there are different modes of being and different incentives which facilitate those modes of being. There are havens of peace and there are havens of war. But we are animals and we evolved to procreate and those havens serve that procreation, when you think evolutionary. Denying that or losing that out of focus is akin putting on proverbial rose-tinted glasses. I think "imaginary friends" are secondary to the strategy of procreation chose by the society which is why it's so hard for the Middle East to drop Islam like West dropped Christianity.
Death toll is now at 310
Our urge to reproduce is largely limited to getting horney and wanting to bone something. Where evolution comes in is merely selecting for behaviours that ensure we survive to that point, and that our children survive to that point. But the emergent properties and self-awareness result in behaviours derived from those instincts, but often having little to do with their original purpose. People who kill each other in religious violence, for example, are not advancing some sort evolutionary imperative to procreate, but they are perhaps acting from various impulses that, at one point, had a more useful evolutionary purpose.
Religious violence is a form of group violence and group violence works to advance genes of a more dominant group. That's a legit strategy for competition within the species, one of two. You can switch that strategy on by introducing a new quasi religion like they did in communist countries and Nazi Germany with a blessing from new authorities "these guys are enemy of our people, we need to dispose of them". The same thing is basically written in Hadith, for example. If you don't agree with such a view, you're only left with "people suddenly get unreasonable for some reason for no fault of their own (but we still gonna be disgusted by violence and killers)" explanation.
Hes right you know, this is why the left gets further and further maligned and right wing populous parties are getting in power the world over. People are pissed and have every right to be.
For saying Easter worshippers instead of Christians? What other religion practices Easter mate? They're saying Easter worshippers because they were killed during Easter.
Word's out that the attack was revenge for the shooting in Christchurch (Danish source): https://www.berlingske.dk/internationalt/sri-lanka-bomber-gengaeld-for-christchurch
As soon as I heard about this I was worried it would come back to Christchurch. This is exactly what that sick fuck wanted.
ISIS claims responsibility https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/23/world/asia/sri-lanka-bombing.html
I pray for them, but one can't expect God to do all the work. Any charities working to fund repairs/family compensation? Daesh claim responsibility for everything though, isn't that how they operate? Whether or not they did it, they want people to be afraid.
While true, no one else is claiming responsibility so what can we do but believe they're the actual culprits?
Sorry for the bump but it's not worth its own thread: Some mildly okay news. Not good, but not bad either: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/25/death-toll-in-sri-lanka-bombings-revised-down-to-253
Jesus, the jump to 321 is massive.
I heard that most churches have cancelled Sunday services in Sri Lanka this weekend, telling their worshipers to just pray at home.
Sri Lanka estimates there are 70 some militants/terrorists still loose in the country, "some with the capability of detonating themselves". Meanwhile, ISIS flags were discovered at some places police raided to arrest suspects, giving credence to the Islamic State's claim of responsibility.
Legitimatelt having a question here, so why even bother saying Easter worshippers instead of just Christians which is shorter? It’s not as if the word Christian is a trigger word to people that warrants the need of an alternative term.
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