• China releases new rules on game approvals
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lol they've already made blood in games blue colored and shit what else are they doing now
executives at publishers and developers who make millions of dollars for high sales figures would think so.
One of the scariest and smartest things the CCP has ever done is taking advantage of western capitalism in order to grow their influence in other countries.
See I think most Game Developers would probably agree with you. The problem is that they’re not the ones in control. It’s the Publishers who are in control.
"When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract."
Usually games get adjusted for the Chinese market afterwards. Often, like in cases of MMOs, the game will actually be handled by a chinese company that is fluent in all the bullshit censoring and the original dev/publisher will mostly give them patches and whatnot. As the article says though, that was on hold since last year basically, now there are new rules and apparently it can continue. So overall it doesn't seem like that much really changed.
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