• Dead or Alive Xtreme and Senran Kagura Series Listings Removed by YouTube Gaming
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Who would've guessed that the next video game culture war wouldn't be over violence, but big anime tiddies?
But games where you mercilessly rip people to shreds and gun down innocents in cold blood are still fine, right?
Mortal kombat is fine but Lord you better not see them big tiddies
Dead or Alive Xtreme features women sunbathing either on a beach or at the side of a pool. Manhunt features the ability to stab someone in the throat as you listen to them try and scream in pain as you hear them choke on their own blood as they're bleeding to death. But Dead or Alive Xtreme is the bad one here.
I will never understand this body part bad culture. One day or another everyone's going to see someone naked or fuck because it's part of nature.
Actually, MK has been facing some restrictions as well.
Yeah, Maximillian dood has had to do his MK9 and MKX fatality ratings with reptile, because red blood gore = bad but green blood gore = good, apparently
It's amazing how quickly we've reverted back to the moralistic bullshit of the 90s and early 2000s. All because advertisers don't understand targeted advertising.
Seriously, we should be celebrating sexuality, not condemning it.
Anyone following google's poltical machinations for the last decade?
It's not about sexuality or naked woman, it's about objectification of the woman body. Those game only appeal to male players and that's it, they base their entire communication around having sexy extremely feminine woman who does thing to make them horny at the same time. It has nothing to do with puritanism. These game are creatively bankrupt, depending on sexual appeal over artistic creativity to reach an audience.
the puritanical similarities comes from expecting all games to conform to the same moral code
While Tear's little rant up above is already funny in that you can easily make it about anything else if you swap out a few words... Does everything need to aspire to be some grand work of art? Because by this train of logic, you should probably bin a lot of movies or games you like.
from Sex And Gaming: Selling Japan's Senran Kagura To The West: Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Senran Kagura's success is the audience. One glance at the character art and it's easy to concoct the mental image of a hormonally driven teenage boy pouring hours into these games purely for the titillation - but Fisher reveals that's not the reality. "A good portion of our fanbase is actually female," he says. "Probably 30% to 40%, for sure. Age-wise, 20 to 25 is the main bracket - not teenagers. Everyone I know who plays the game and likes the series falls within that category. It's a surprising thing."
Say whatever you want about these games, I can totally understand that you don't like them... but "creatively bankrupt"? Tell me how many series of videogames has: Senran Kagura: 2 beat'em up games (The original 3DS games) 3 musou games (Shinovi Versus, Estival Versus and Burst Re:Newal) A rhythmic game (Bon Appétit!) A visual novel with motion sensors minigames (Reflexions) A third-person shooter (Peach Beach Splash) A fucking pinball game (Peach Ball) And each one of these has a very creative on their own too. Creative bankrupt games are these AAA games that has a new game each year like Call of Duty. Again, I respect that you don't like them, but don't throw shit that is simply wrong.
people like action games because blowing stuff up makes them feel good people like competitive multiplayer games because winning makes them feel good people like puzzle games because thinking makes them feel good people like big tiddy games because seeing big tiddy makes them feel good sexual appeal isn't fundamentally any cheaper or less valid than any other kind of appeal this delusion that anything that isn't your own preferred brand of escapist pig slop isn't "real art" is just pathetic
I rest my case on this one. If it actually appeals more to female than male, then it is good to know. I didn't specifically target Senran Kagura, but you are right. It was a post aimed at the idea behind giving less visibility to those game.
Wait, so if the game appeal more to a female audience, even if has the same content that one that appeal to a male one, then it is fine?
they've gotten far more visibility from the articles railing against them than they ever coule have hoped to have gotten from letting them be
These game are creatively bankrupt If you wanna ban porn or sexual content, id be interested in your logic to why it'd make society better. But this is a bad justification to why tbh "Creativity" is entirely subjective, subject to cultural and personnal biais. And even if it was objectively uncreative (nothing is), something being uncreative doesn't mean it doesnt have value or that it's moraly wrong. I think it's just dangerous to imply that art should be given less protection because it doesnt fit the definition of creativity we picked.
1) Female bodies are not the only ones objectified, nor are the target audiences only men. Many fighting games have big burly dudes basically only wearing pants 2) A game can have nudity, lewdity, or highly suggestive content while also not being creatively bankrupt - they're not mutually exclusive 3) Even if the game's are targeting only men, boo hoo, the company is targeting a specific market. If said market doesn't want to pay for that content, then they'll stop making it.
There's nothing wrong with making a game that's mostly about being suggestive, just because it delivers entertainment in a way you don't like it doesn't mean it's not entertainment. Sexual appeal is perfeclty valid just like aesthetic appeal is. Lewds games are games, and in some cases, very good games.
Counter point: Why dont you fuckin uhhhhhhhhhh dont play it or watch it if you dont like it? You have free will and determination, dont you? Why do you need a monolithic corporation to control what you watch or engage in?
You can't really claim any of these since you've never played any of the games.
violence good sex bad imagine having this line of thought. what kind of a monumental fuckup do you have to be to think a vast majority of people can't differ between reality and fiction?
How do we get companies to stop doing this shit? There has to be some legal avenue.
Your argument has no more weight than the ones puritanical conservatives use. Both arguments make the claim that it's bad for society in some manner but both fail to back it up in any statistically-verified way. You say it has nothing to do with puritanism, but I think you're intentionally ignoring the implications that come with condemning sexuality in art. You claim that it's objectification because the art lacks substance, but that's an entirely subjective take. I can claim with equal validity that Senran Kagura is the most artful game ever made, therefore (based on your own logic) it cannot contain any objectification. I'm not any more correct than you, nor am I any more incorrect than you, because it's art.
More indie developers should start producing lewd games. There's definitely a market for it, even in the West. Games like Hunniepop etc.
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