• Notre Dame Fire May Be Divine Punishment, Says Prominent Settler Rabbi
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https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-notre-dame-fire-may-be-divine-punishment-says-prominent-settler-rabbi-1.7136101 The conflagration at Notre Dame de Paris that badly damaged the ancient cathedral on Monday was possibly divine punishment, an influential Israeli rabbi said on Wednesday, invoking a 13th-century burning of Jewish scriptures.
and remember Taliab is bad for criticizing Israel which is run by people like this.
Bit of a cunt move from God tbh
I would say he seems to have scaled it down a lot though...at least it wasn't a mass flood.
Okay. Hear me out here; if it was punishment for the act of burning some Jewish books; and I know this will sound like a strange, outlandish question but... Why was it punished 700+ years later?
God's inbox is pretty full, he's just now getting to it.
Honestly, say this we're true... I'd say trying to destroy a building as a message when we hold something like that above the lives of our fellow human beings is a good message. I'm just as sad that the fire even happened, and sad that I even have to clarify that as I'm sure some people would jump down my throat without actually reading and comprehending what I said, but it really feels like where we are right now, nobody cares about each other.
Yeah, okay, I've seen how hard it can be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyWwEm-rKUY
if god punishes people's descendants for crimes against Judaism centuries after the fact, things are going to turn out very poorly for some Neo-Germans in the 2640s.
God also gives children terminal illnesses which they will never recover from. 'He' works in mysterious ways!~
"working in mysterious ways" is religious code for "we have no fucking clue"
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/242634/23a02cd1-9e6a-417c-9f5a-7830fc12e1ba/image.png is this a test? I feel like it's a test.
i like to replace that with 'a wizard did it'. fits the tone imo
israel isnt run by people like this lmao
I mean God gave Caine vampire powers and now Caine drives a taxi all because he won't say sorry for stabbing God's most beloved human to death and buggering-and-leaving the first-born woman so I think it's fair.
It makes sense somewhat if you actually read the Bible. Because of Adam and Eve's sin humans have to live harsh lives on earth as a sort of test from God to see if we truly are sinners or not, the whole idea that childbirth hurts and that men are the ones who have to plow the fields are described in the Bible as punishment from God onto Adam and Eve and their descendants for sinning. Even the whole concept of heaven and hell and Satan that modern Christians have are described completely differently in the Bible, it's heavily implied that God created Satan to test man for one and everyone who dies pretty much just enter an eternal slumber until Armageddon where the righteous souls will ascend to heaven while the sinners will burn on earth and eventually disappear. Tl;dr: Modern day Christianity is basically the result of several centuries of apocryphal texts and various pagan traditions getting absorbed into what was essentially an offshoot of Judaism thus modern day Christianity often conflicts with what is stated in the Bible. God does not love unconditionally and life on earth is a test of our resolve.
The only things I'm getting from this is that Jesus's death was apparently pointless and God is pretty fucked up if he thinks punishing A&E's descendents is totally neat.
Probably not a very good idea for a prominent settler Rabbi to say something like this
Oh no that's still coming. What are those climate change prediction dates at again?
gOd WoRkS tHrOuGh mYsTeRiOuS wAyS
Of molasses?
I thought the cross being intact was a sign god wanted this to happen? Wood Fuel Doesn't Melt Gold Beams
Maybe God caused it to point out how much Billionaires are willing to dump a fuck ton of money on just a fucking building instead of actually helping people with that money.
You'll be hard pressed to find any or most Christians that seriously believes this.
Do you know who Bibi is, and do you know who's backing him now? Not far off from it lol. Then again, you take any and all criticism of a country(and government) as almost off limits
The Holocaust was divine punishment. See? I can be stupid as fuck too. Why do we listen to people like him?
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