• "Melee is literally cancer" - Crab thrown at Hungrybox following tournament win
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Spectator throws dead crab at Hungrybox following victory at Pou.. An attendee at Pound 2019 launched a dead crab at Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma at Laurel Park in Maryland on Sunday following his championship win at that event's Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. After Hungrybox defeated Joseph "Mang0" Marquez in the grand finals of the event, a livestream of the event showed that a crab was thrown at Hungrybox on stage, which caused the player to become irate and address the crowd. The attendee who threw the dead animal on stage fled the venue but was identified, according to a tweet from commentator Phil "EE" Visu. The participant responsible was not named. "Sorry for losing my temper," Hungrybox later tweeted. "Someone threw a f----- raw crab at me. After a 5 set losers run. Barely missed my head. What the f--- man." https://youtu.be/3kgwi_b1V9o?t=23m46s Video is timestamped🦀
Is there some significance with crabs and the melee scene or crabs and this player? Or is it just a gross thing to throw at someone regardless of context? The article didn't go into that unless I missed it.
I can understand why he'd be pretty upset. However, a crab being chucked at a Smash tournament is absolutely hilarious.
Well I don't know about melee specifically but Crabs = Cancer, what with the constellation and such.
Some say it was a regional thing, since Maryland is known for its crabs, but other than that this kind of thing is completely unprecedented.
I thought it was because of the dancing crab meme since everybody was spamming it with "melee is gone"
The smash community is the Florida of the FGC.
Ah, that kinda makes some twisted sense I guess.
Literally as the announcer says "take that" it happened. LOL
As a Maryland resident I found this comment to be highly offensive. We chuck crabs coated in old bay at people as a sign of good tidings! /s In all seriousness I have no clue why the dude threw a crab at the dude. Lolz maybe?
The Smash community is the only community that is constantly at war with itself. People that belong to the Melee or Ultimate or 64 crowds often have some strong opinions about the others.
I also recall jokes that Melee players sound like a congregation of crabs, since the nonstop mashing of Gamecube shoulder buttons create a constant chorus of clicking and clacking comparable to said crustaceans snapping their claws, but hell if I know if that's what this is really about or just a happy accident.
'🦀Smash Community Is Cancer🦀
Get crabbed on
I guess this is payback for all the times hbox has been a dick
I'm glad everyone started chanting his name, I dunno if that made him feel any better but he looked legitimately upset though, no doubt ruined the moment for him.
Where did the crab come from? That's what I wanna know. Did he just bring one from home and just think "I'm gonna throw this at whoever loses. It'll be really funny."
Apparently the crab even had its own seat. https://twitter.com/lesfleurs_/status/1120027433728663557
at least it's not violence or gun shot
Gold up, I was being serious
hbox: *wins* the melee community: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107214/cc227349-a3f0-46ec-b600-8c4307ffff42/image.png
Melee has festered for so long as a community that they're getting to the point where they're tearing each other apart over relatively small things. This is why other FGC communities typically move on to other games or newer games for their IPs. Everything gets a fresh start then, and there's not much chance for drama to build and coalesce over so many years. Wouldn't be surprised if the person who threw the crab is one of the people who believes that "Jigglypuff is killing Melee" even as Hbox draws crowds and is still keeping Melee alive for right now.
The problem is that there is no game to move on to (maybe ultimate) because all of melee's succesors so far have been abysmal for competitive play, ultimate is the only one that has come close.
The SF community moved to 5, you can deal with ultimate.
You do realise it's a different situation right? the game that came after melee was not ultimate, it was brawl, which is exponentially worse than 5.
I'm not super familiar with comp Smash but it was my understanding that Ultimate was considered a successor to Melee (or at least on an even level) comp wise? Is it just a case of people refusing to move on or are their genuine reasons to stick with one or the other?
Yes and 3s was the best of the series, get over it.
Melee, for better or worse, has an insane amount if tech required for high level play, especially for the spacies (Fox/Falco). Players lab for hours on top of hours just trying to perfect movement and improving the demanding dexterity and coordination needed to pull off tech. The skill ceiling, again, for better or worse, is much higher for Melee then even Ultimate.
There's nothing wrong with not moving away from a game if you don't want to, and the melee players decided not to move on from melee, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, if it's the game they like to play.
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