• For just $2m USD you too can own a SUV/tank that looks like a low poly model
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Anyone who buys this is an absolute dweeb.
I guess the Deus Ex team has been designing cars in their off time
It comes with a playstation 4 as part of the standard trim level, amazing.
It's finally here boys. Real-life Need for Madness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpnciWsDRhI
In a weird way, I don't hate it, at least not from the front. I mean, it's no beauty, but still.
People laugh but the low poly body means the car can run at over 60 FPS, making it the smoothest ride you'll ever have.
You can't even see over 24 fps so it's literally useless.
actually that means the car is invisible
Once you hit 25 FPS it turns into an invisible stealth vehicle so you get even more for your money.
It looks like you could get impaled on the mirrors.
Jokes aside and all, but that interior (and exterior) looks as well made as a chevette, except with even cheaper gold bits.
Fucking champagne inside Thats such a fucking cliche for me
What does it look like with RTX on
It looks angry
Looking like it came straight out of the PS1 graphics era.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/50f854a6-d0ce-47c2-aebc-ff1b952b2560/Get me out of here , Malik.jpg Get met out of here etc.
If any webgame ever deserved a remake in Unreal or Unity, it’s this one.
If the purpose of the design is to draw attention on the street then it sure will do its job well.
If you are driving this car and you are stuck in a traffic jam, all you need to do is engage the parking break and put it in reverse. If you then rapidly tap the throttle, you will immediately gain enormous speed (about 400) and will catapult towards the Bowser in the Sky stage even if you haven't collected the required 70 Power Stars and be able to arrive at your home before dinner.
Lol weighs between 8,000 and 13,000lbs The interior looks like absolute shit, if you want that type of super high end luxury that doesn't look like it's mixed with cheap 3d printed parts, buy yourself a Maybach and save yourself 1.8m. Pretty sure they also come with bulletproofing options, as do quite a few high end cars
undetectable by cop radar.
I kinda like it though?
But is it the pro?
I hope the stereo comes preloaded with the entire Deus Ex soundtrack
ya but isn't that the opposite of what an armored car is supposed to do?
It's stealth though, silly.
Stealth as in self-driving cars are more likely to ram into it then yeah
it looks like a misdirected movie prop https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/465/8e0aedcf-4c1a-4e13-b922-206455a1eca6/image.png
If I wanted to be safe and noticed by everyone, I'd drive an APC/Tank. What more, is you can find them for much cheaper than $2million. Much much cheaper.
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