• For just $2m USD you too can own a SUV/tank that looks like a low poly model
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just give it a thin coat of radar absorbent paint and you'll never get speeding tickets again brilliant
If you change the glowing lights to purple it wouldn't look out of place in a Saints Row game.
Don't need to, acute angles (around 15°) are inherently very stealthy even against low frequency radar. I wonder if RAM (Radar Absorbent Materials) come optional though.
nah they just correctly predicted the future https://i.somethingawful.com/forumsystem/emoticons/emot-science.gif
that is potentially the ugliest interior of a vehicle I have ever seen period
The outside of looks pretty cool. The inside looks like cheap plastic throw up though, wtf.
When you can only afford the LOD model of the car.
The outside is interesting and not that bad. The inside looks like a 70's disco space themed sex dungeon.
HOW is this 4,500kg?! With so much carbon fiber too. Is the F-550 chassis just that heavy naturally? Insane. I've got an old 7 series with more room than this thing and with a full set of passengers I'd barely scrape 2,500kg. Yikes
They wanted to copy the Rolls Royce stars because im gonna guess this cars main market is new money rappers and shit except they did it (really everything) way less tastefully than RR for over 4x the price. I really don't get why anyone would buy this car holy shit. Its 2 MILLION dollars and it has fuckin FOGGED PLASTIC HEADLIGHTS, for nearly a million dollars cheaper you can literally buy a stretched bullet/blast proof Maybach S650 Pullman that looks 10000x better and also looks just as much more comfortable.
Pretty sure that's just a Polish PL-01 tank. This thing looks more like a Combine APC that someone put enough space for a human driver to fit into.
damn sorry guys the concept designer just had a slow as fuck hard drive, improved version coming soon
My seats are augmented
The outside kinda reminds me of the armored scout cars from Red Faction. That interior though... yeesh.
yeah man I'd sure blow 2 million USD on some literally who car brand > Despite having a body made from carbon-fibre, the car tips the scales at 4500kg in its most basic trim what a piece of shit lmao
With a weight like that you might as well make it out of cast iron and strap a jet turbine on because it'll weigh as much and eat as much gas.
Looks like the kinda thing for people with more money than taste. Like rolls royce, but even worse.
Except that Rolls-Royce actually has quality control. This ugly fucking piece of shit is literally a F-Series with a body kit.
Am I the only one who thinks this could look nice if the angularity was toned down like 30-40%? Maybe i'm a dweeb that likes kitbashed design.
It does have very deus ex design and I think if they toned down the angularity a *lot* and also made the interior less gaudy it would be an actually nice car, still not 2 million dollars nice but you know, anything is better than what it is now.
How many missions do I have to do to unlock the trade price.
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