• Ancestry pulls slavery-era ad after backlash
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https://www.apnews.com/7fe1afb663ab4d7697df7c2c962a34cb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vheJEaOAvnI
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaats not how the story Abigail Willians happened Just uhh Just a guess
It's like thinking that royal coupling in the medieval era were romantic too and not political tools.
Why is it incumbent upon Ancestry.com to write their adverts in a way that advances a particular message? This isn't even about historical accuracy unless you are saying 100% of mixed race couplings of the period were non-consensual, which is absurd. The scenario in the advert is completely plausible and likely happened many times over. https://twitter.com/MsPackyetti/status/1119003089795723264 If you are looking to corporations to educate and deliver ethical statements I think you've got your wires crossed.
Ancestry Test Reveals Bad Things Happened In The Past
Now we just need the Animus and we're good to go.
Who would have thought that someone in my six million year old bloodline had something terrible happen to them
I don't see anything wrong with the ad. Yeah, we know slave owners raped slaves. We know that is wrong and isn't exactly a shining point in history. But, we also know that some relationships were mutual. Yeah, a bit rare, and even hidden. People are also ignoring that most of Ancestry's ads are kinda based off of real stories from their users. The ad wasn't glorifying rape or slavery, it was more about forbidden loves which is a bit of a classic thing in a lot of literature. Anyone who is serious about tracking down ancestry knows that DNA is a starting point. If you get a DNA test and find out your are 10% european and you cry then you're a drama queen. It is about as dumb as a racist who get pissed off they got DNA from a non-european/white country. That 10% could come from anywhere at any point in time. Europe is so huge and has so many ethnicities and nationalities. Being european isn't fucking bad, doesn't mean you have roots slavery or anything. For all she knows that 10% is from when immigrants arrived to the U.S in the 1900's. She will never know unless she actually tries to research it and finds documentation. /Rant.
I mean, there were romances like this that happened. Sure it doesn't represent most cases, but the backlash is pretty unwarranted. Actually now that I think about it, there are a good four cases of forbidden love between slaves and their owners in my family history that I can think of off the top of my head.
Yeah I'm not particularly convinced that a relationship where one party is legally considered the other's property is a reasonable power dynamic where we can say that this really constitutes consent. This is the kind of relationship where if you don't actually love them, telling them so can lead to you being beaten, killed, or having your quality of life reduced extremely. That's not consent.
This thread reminds me of this one Youtube video where a bunch of Turks were shown their ancestry and went nuts when it turned out that a majority of them had mostly or at least significant amounts of Greek in them.
These tests are also hilariously inaccurate, FYI. They don't come close and will give you a feel good package that doesn't reveal the whole truth whilst also mining all sorts of information out of you. DNA test kits are literally just huge information grabs.
I am pretty sure that if you could look back on your genetic history in detail then we've all probably had ancestors who where slaves or the result of rape.
Is Ancestry the one everybody says is run by the Mormon church as part of some post-armageddon plan to posthumously save the souls of nonbelievers? One of these DNA history companies supposedly has some relation to the Mormon church and its such an innocuously goofy conspiracy I have to laugh at it.
Isn't the ancestry part fairly accurate.
Im not arguing against that, I'm saying the forbidden romances did infact happen. My ancestor from the Manigault plantation family was effectively banished from his family because of his mutual love for a slave woman. The Ad isn't trying to rewrite history, it's portraying an unlikely love story and there is literally NOTHING wrong with that.
If you're European; otherwise good luck.
I feel like having so many DNA samples in one database can only possibly lead to something orwellian and exploitative. Willfully submitting your DNA into those databases to find out your "heritage" is at best misguided, and at worst just straight up dumb.
You would have a point if the ceo of ancestry was Lex Luther but I'm pretty sure we're fine
Yeah, but it's not like our world is devoid of morally dubious and unscrupulous people who are constantly awarded positions of power, so totally, nothing to worry about
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