• Australian woman loses driver’s licence almost 3x over in a single police stop
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A woman has received 28 demerit points — enough to have a driver's licence suspended twice over — after a single police stop on the NSW Central Coast at the weekend. NSW Police said they pulled over the 24-year-old on the Pacific Highway at Ourimbah yesterday afternoon after noticing she was using her mobile phone behind the wheel. While they spoke with her, officers noticed the car seats her three young children were in were not properly secured. The children were aged one, three and five.  Police said the younger two did not have their shoulder straps tightened properly. The woman was issued with four different infringement notices — three for not properly restraining the children and another for using her mobile phone. She was fined $1,348 and received 28 demerit points — 14 of which were accrued due to double demerits during the Easter long weekend. Family and Community services also received children at risk notifications after the incident. Police said they had been unimpressed with drivers at the weekend, and had issued 10,177 infringement notices since Thursday. NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said three people had died on NSW roads during the Easter break and lashed out at drivers "acting like an idiot on our roads". https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-23/nsw-police-give-women-28-demerit-points-in-one-hit/11037944
Slightly less impressive considering Australia is holding double-XP event on bad driving during easter, but still fun times.
Why would you double demerits during holidays?
I'm assuming because it's a holiday/long weekend a lot more people are travelling. So having double demerits is to prevent and make a point of dangerous driving
The New South Wales Police Force actually post videos like this on their Fb page every double demerit season, and they’re great https://www.facebook.com/nswpoliceforce/videos/2193079294349121/
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like that should just be one. Not that I'm excusing not setting them in their carseats properly, there's no excusing that.
Having three children improperly restrained is three times worse than just one child improperly restrained, hence the driver receiving three penalties regarding the restraints.
Accidents increase during holidays so they make the rules stricter in response.
It is actually 3x worse because loose bodies become battering weapons capable of fracturing bones with ease during a crash at even 30mph.
Also to rake in the dosh
so if 9 points is enough to get your license suspended does that mean that just speeding would do that!? What kind of backwards insanity is that.
You have to go 40km/hr over the limit to get 6 demerit points (12 during Easter) and a $2435 fine.
The woman was issued with four different infringement notices — three for not properly restraining the children and another for using her mobile phone. People seem to think this is excessive punishment but I'd rather read the headline "Idiot lady willfully endangering children no longer allowed to drive" than "Idiot lady crashes while using her phone, killing three children who were improperly restrained."
More idiots on the road = more idiots doing dumb idiotic shit to kill each other = longer and longer delays than just having heavy traffic It's preventative punishment, not saying it works but I can understand their reasoning behind it.
This reminds me of how draconian australian traffic laws are, aren't new drivers not allowed to drive turbo gasoline cars or something like that?
That's not regular speeding yeah. I understand the penalty then
Provisional drivers in New Souh Wales can’t drive vehicles with a power-to-weight ratio greater than 130kW per tonne.
So no longer allowed to drive means she probably can't get to work ( and probably can't afford to take a Taxi). Hopefully she is on a carpool route or I guess she just gets to eat shit and starve to death?
You know what? Good. She put herself in danger, but more importantly, her 3 small kids, and every other person on the road.
24 years old with 3 kids implies that the driver is more likely to be on welfare, rather than employed. Australian public transport is mostly fine.
In rural Australia you're fucked, but in the cities and their suburbs they have mostly fine rail and bus services.
All the more reason to start ripping licenses out of bad driver's hands. If their bad driving makes it nigh impossible to make ends meet they'll think twice abotu driving like a jackass.
Nope, that isn't how crimes work.
Depends on the state, some states it's no turbo or V8s (or high performance V6s), others can drive whatever you want, but there might be a passenger restriction, can't drive between 12-5am or it's the 130kw/ton limit mentioned above. Either way you spin it none of it helps considering Australian driver training is piss poor anyway. My test lasted less than 5 minutes, went around two roundabouts and pulled into a parking bay, passed full marks.
The framework is there for learners to become good drivers, but a big part of the problem is that people just don’t give a shit. I remember when I got my learner’s licence; I had a logbook and I had to do 120 hours of supervised driving, 20 of which had to be at night. I did the full 120 hours, including 10 hours with a qualified instructor. But so many others I went to school with - practically everyone else - bragged about how they only did 20 or 30 hours, and faked the entries on their logbooks to get up to the minimum 120. And there really wasn’t much that the RTA could do to verify every single hour.
Crimes need penalties. No sense filling the jails up with speeders, but clearly fines don't work, so what do you do? You start pulling licenses. That's literally how crime and punishment works. You find a penalty that will discourage the crime in question that isn't unreasonable. License suspension is a very reasonable punishment for someone who's being irresponsible with everyone's lives.
A Sydney man has just beat this Central Coast woman, with 33 demerit points in a single police stop https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-28/sydney-driver-receives-33-demerit-points/11052636
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