• 150 Riot Games staff walk out after sexism lawsuits result in forced arbitration
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Other game companies need to start doing this in protest of the hours they work, too. Might would shape up the industry pretty quick
It appears that the company name ended up being accurate.
Good. Developers have been fucked for decades. Time to fuck back.
Forced arbitration is a mistake in need of correction.
Have we considered phrasing this differently?
The phrasing is integral.
fucking broken report system riot pls
How long until they release another big cinematic trailer to try and divert attention from this? Honestly have had so many friends going "They're trying to get better" but this just shows that Riot tops don't really give a damn about anything.
https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/05/07/riot-games-walkout-protest/ Dozens of employees complained about issues including women feeling excluded, women facing a tougher time advancing their career, male employees openly discussing the fuckability of female colleagues, and one executive routinely farting in other men’s faces and whacking their testicles. excuse me what the fuck
Just uninstall LoL and never touch it again. It shouldn't be this hard. It's a cancerously shit game anyway.
is he literally 12
no, he just went to the same school of thought Vince McMahon came from
If this could happen at enough studios to make unionization happen, man, that'd be revolutionary more the industry. We'd need to be prepared by dumbshit consumers giving backlash though. Fair work conditions would mean developers wouldn't have the cheat code to make huge impressive games as cheaply as they do now. Games, productions in general, would either need to reduce the content/quality of the product to save budget, or increase budget (money/time) to make the same games as before. Since shareholders will inevitably bitch and whine if profit margins decrease, you can expect this to mean games costing more and taking longer to come out. I'm willing to accept that wholeheartedly, because I know games have only been as impressive as they are due to developers cheating and abusing their employees. But I dont think Joe Schmoe Gamer is going to see anything but an inconvenience for themselves.
Workers in general, really, not just in the game industry.
i swear i've read that before somewhere a couple years back about nut whacker boy
Still works in context, too
The Kotaku article in August highlighted it.
"It shouldn't be this hard" getting a substantial part of one hundred million players to stop doing something. Show them the way if it's so easy. If you want to hurt riot a lot of players will have to quit. Especially since whales fund that game as well.
Haven't played more than 3 matches since release. EZ bro.
I meant show those players how to stop. A majority is not continuing to play because think it's hard to stop. They're continuing to play because they like the game or don't care for your reasons to quit.
Just show them Dota 2. or HoTS. or anything that isn't essentially anime loli kids punching each other with zero balance and retarded low-health comebacks against 5 full health enemies. That's really my beef. The game is just unreadable and they don't care to improve it.
Just fuck off. Just because you don't understand how characters work and their capabilities doesn't mean the game is unbalanced trash.
Don't be rude.
You really have no ground to stand on when it comes to complaining about rudeness dude
That's rich coming from you.
Not really. I have some unpopular opinions but I tend to put them forward in a pretty coherent and calm manner.
If you say so. IT's weird for you to have such a huge problem with me, when my only real interactions with you always ends in you sea-lioning, then trowing a fit and making it personal when i call you on it. I feel like there's a small handful of users continually getting a bit over-wrought when i challenge that behavior. They also keep trying to fit me within political stereotypes very specific to American politics. Turn me into some boogeyman.
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