• Kentucky teen who sued over vaccine gets chickenpox
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Dumb fuck
Think he's going to be a vaccination poster child now?
Talk shit get hit I guess.
chicken pox vaccine isn't the most important unless you have someone close with low immunity or you yourself have low immunity. anti-vaccination is a dumb cause but it's not always necessary to get innoculated for chicken pox.
It's also a "get out of jail free" prick so… why not? Sure it costs money, but death… Oh right, death doesn't costs money, thats nice!
that article is poorly written are they saying that the children vaccinated will have a greater likelihood of getting shingles later? i'm doubting that it sounds like they're saying that a short-term risk is unvaccinated parents getting shingles (in some way due to their children being vaccinated) sounds like, fuck them, take your god damn vaccinations
Chicken pox wasnt even that bad when I was a kid, my brother got it too who is much older than me and he got fairly sick from it. Nothing more than a flu with some itchy spots... My foreman got shingles as she is older and it caused some odd symptoms but nothing serious. The only time chicken pox is serious is when someone has low immunity or an elderly person develops shingles, and even then they will most likely pull through just fine. You guys are getting way too worked up over this.
What the fuck? How does the NHS get something like this fucking wrong? If you get chicken pox as a child that is what leads to developing shingles as an adult. The vaccine mitigates the risk of getting shingles. This is fucking nuts, how do they fuck that up?
Not a teen.
the nhs knows what it's doing here. chicken pox vaccination doesn't eliminate the risk of shingles. essentially, you create more problems for younger people if you don't let them develop their own immunity. the vaccine is only useful if you havent got this ability.
No that's not how that works at all. Literally no, no, and no. If you get chicken pox as a child, the virus can remain in the body and resurge later in life as shingles. That is a matter of fact as to how the virus works. And if you get the full chicken pox vaccine series of boosters which goes until you are in your late teens, your chances of getting it at all as an adult are negligible. If you get chicken pox as a child, you are at risk of shingles. This is not a negotiable point.
getting chickenpox gives you basically a certainty for getting shingles later in life which is absolute hell for older people.
you have a lot of reading to do on how chicken pox works lol
but if the nhs is wrong then it means they're exploiting kids to get immunity the hard way on purpose. surely the government is not that cruel
I got both Chicken Pox (I had the vaccine but it was JUST after it was introduced, and there was a mistake made when administering it (the nurse left it sitting out for 45 minutes before administering it when it shouldn't have been left out for more then ~5 minutes)) and Shingles (I got it when I was 18, normally it only affects people 60+). You DON'T want either. Doing a bit of research, I'm finding claims that the NHS's advice is based on an older theory which is contradicted by the CDC's claims.
The teenager's father, Bill Kunkel, said the vaccines were derived from aborted foetuses, which went against his family's religious beliefs. Some viruses used to make vaccines are grown with cells descended from matter that was sourced from two human foetuses electively aborted in the 1960s. But no new human cells have been used since then to produce vaccines, according to health authorities and drug manufacturers. Oh weird, religious fundamentalists not knowing how medicine works. Imagine my shock.
If only there was some way to prevent this.
hmm, thir-teen, four-teen, fif-teen, six-teen, seven-teen, eigh-teen, nine-teen. do you see why they are called teenagers (teen-age-ers) or just "teens"?
"Local man gets hit by car after walking blindfolded into traffic, more at 11"
Also his age is considered "late teens"
I got chicken pox and shingles, wasn't too bad. Shingles was pretty uncomfortable because the rash decided to follow a nerve line, but it cleared in about two days. From what I remember, shingles in the elderly hangs around longer but tends to be less uncomfortable. Going by the ratings in this thread, has the common wisdom of getting chicken pox young changed?
What "common wisdom"? The only wise choice is to get vaccinated, and not be vulnerable to a disease which enables even worse conditions down the road.
if they went through the effort of producing a vaccine for it, it's probably something you want to avoid
Let's not forget that there is also a shingles vaccine, making this person even more wrong because you can literally get immunized against it later as well.
When I was a kid, there literally was no vaccine against chicken pox. Guess I should have been vaccinated with something that didn't exist yet?
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