• Youtuber Projared is accused of cheating on his wife before filing for divorce.
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https://www.monstersandcritics.com/people/projared-addresses-cheating-rumors-after-filing-for-divorce-heidi-responds-on-twitter/ TLDR: Jared posts on twitter about filing for divorce, Holly (Ross from gamegrumps' ex wife) replies in sympathy. Jared's ex wife retaliates by revealing holly was the homewrecker this whole time. She also reveals how jared was absusive, blaming her for the reason why he cheats, locked her into a lease, ect. Fans come forward revealing how much of a sex creep jared was in PMs, going as far as sending unwanted dick pics and harassing teens. And finally, jared is in full damage control and is deleting possible incriminating posts. And the cherry ontop? Jared was demodded from his own reddit with said reddit now posting all of their evidence of him being a creep.
Takes a real trash person to betray someone like that*, but to do it with someone else's wife, a fellow content creator at that? Heidi's (ProJared's wife) account of the story also seems pretty fucked up, with some manipulative elements to it. Story correlates with fans receiving some suspicious and explicit content. *relationships between humans are ever this cut and dry but overall it's easy to see here who's the victim and who's the asshole. https://twitter.com/DetectiveChungy/status/1126363221999226880 https://twitter.com/lonelydays17/status/1126366128584839169?s=20 Tweets contain semi-nudity, open with caution!
https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/jaredbug-jpg.752548/ Yeah he's a fucking legit creep...
https://twitter.com/JustinWhang/status/1126450865047572481 https://twitter.com/JonTronShow/status/1126451370268286976
I was going to say "Holly? Ross' wife Holly? I have to say I'm not sure I can believe it" but apparently I'm late to the realization that they've broken up last September. Now it seems really, really too coincidental not to be the case. That's incredibly painful.
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Man, as much as i liked Jared, i can't say that i'm surprised. He would always make sexual jokes and be super flirty and you'd never tell just by watching their videos, or his at least, that he and Heidi were married. Not to mention how much closer him and Holly got since she split with Ross, Jared prolly having something to do with that. Ross and Heidi deserve better.
It's been reported that Holly and Jared were flirting with each other before Ross/Holly ended, then she starting sleeping with Jared about a month after that breakup.
not my boy projared too what's next, is peanutbuttergamer going to turn out to be a murderer?
making your life and career explode in a few easy steps
The sad part is, ross knew: https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/1557402658448-png.752521/ Also gamegrumps preemptively deleted all videos that had projared as a guest on them.
I'm still mortified that I saw that penis on Twitter. It's horrible that he would be sharing dick pics to fans while married. That alone sounds like career suicide.
pfft https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/ec03b8a3-b0ad-4694-b29d-3de01b6ef42c/image.png
fuck https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/458817/81a9221b-2cdc-4474-a524-dc5b52bd8911/image.png what happened to my boot boys
I feel so much sympathy for Ross and Heidi, considering in the little I've poked around, Holly and Jared are complete scumbags. Jared ran a "Body Positive" snapchat (?) where people sent him nude pictures. You know, "so we're all comfortable together ;) ". And Holly? Holly divorced Ross to fuck ProJared. What the fuck.
https://mobile.twitter.com/ProJared/status/1126332309567942656 https://mobile.twitter.com/HollyConrad/status/1126342689383825414 https://mobile.twitter.com/DolanDark/status/1126379937957498880
I never thought I'd see the day where I'd find Projared of all people sending unwanted dick pics to people.
https://twitter.com/AtelierHeidi/status/1126339321152204801 Ya I just saw this last night
The whole thread under Holly's response is gold. They're both stupid enough to believe that Heidi wouldn't say anything after she realized that Jared blocked her just so she couldn't see his statement.
Didn't PBG also jump in to defend Jon's racist idiocy? I understand wanting to defend your friends but fuck me dude keep your goddamn mouth shut
Those tweets are two years old, and it's probably just because they're both pretty obvious D&D nerds. if not then jesus absolute fuck
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/458817/23a7bb56-db69-4282-871e-000c30d0d9a4/image.png on the other hand it seems peanutbuttergamer might've just gotten blindsided by jared
No, he threw Jon under the bus and said they weren't friends.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/45130eaf-ba07-42ed-b98e-184f7664c7db/D6IMGHxWsAEL6DA.jpg orig.jpg Probably not when those tweets were posted, though. Personally I knew something was up when I heard they were ending their marriage over a disagreement on living arrangements.
Damn, Jared always seemed like a pretty chill, good guy as an occasional viewer. Shitty things to do to other people.
Given his behavior, not surprising he was able to put on that type of personality to make it seem he's like a normal dude.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/5f15fbe6-d43f-4a41-bae5-51239a61a90a/image.png Keep falling
Is it just me, or is this a very, very bad time to respond with "Funny gifs" to this story. I get Jontron is suppose to be "Funny man" but jesus that's bad timing for that.
I saw a few mentions of this and assumed it was just the usual /conspiracygrumps bullshit. Jesus Christ.
Eh, he's responding to a fan who's asking a joke question in of itself. He's not sending gifs to the people actually hurt by this.
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