• Youtuber Projared is accused of cheating on his wife before filing for divorce.
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I found a more apt comparison on his ex-fanbase Reddit.\ https://old.reddit.com/r/ProJared/comments/bn5zo4/somone_posted_this_on_tumblr_i_am_dead_lmao/ Which is going to be archived tommorrow, btw
Well, Ross lost his accent years ago but at least the other shit is true. That bit with him drinking that giant glass of milk still makes me want to throw up, though.
As much as I hate to criticize appearance in terms of relevancy to someone's behaviour, I've massively enjoyed the posts of "Stanky looking guys" bonding over cheating on beautiful women
Why couldn’t Ross’s nudes have leaked instead of Jared’s?
Pedos insulting pedos. What a fuckin world.
I guess even disgusting pedos draw the line at cheating.
Okay but seriously, Heidi and Ross being depicted as perfect is great
Please don't acknowledge Shad. Seriously I have no idea how he has a fanbase. He's a terrible piece of shit
Pot calling the kettle anthracite.
Didn't he draw hentai of actual real life children?
I think it was Keemstar's daughter and a young youtuber. Really really fucked up
A lot of people actually "grow out" of video-games like most people tend to switch hobbies a lot through the formative years and their 20s, as well as a few times a decade as adults. I've always despised this about people. To me, there's something to be said of devotion and consistency.
Don't mind me, just posting this gold from doom_txt https://twitter.com/doom_txt/status/1127217798629871618
https://twitter.com/AtelierHeidi/status/1126340801909288961 I posted the text earlier, word for word. You can miss me with the incel rhetoric to be honest. All I said was that there wasn't enough information to judge her, which you clearly are- "abusive and manipulaive woman". Really? oh hey someone who can actually read, yes, that's exactly what my point was.
Shad making jokes about it is a sign that the joke is officially dead
Thank god it took you this long to post the tweet that someone posted above literally for you and copy and paste it
So your old proof remains "promising her he was breaking up with me."? That's deeply depressing. It's not ok to sleep with someone who's in the process of ending a marriage. That's home-wrecker shit, and that's not even what you proported to have evidence of at the start of this whole thing. I can't even call it an argument because you don't have one.
The only reason I re-posted it was because flak said they'd ban me. If any of these posters actually cared about what I was saying instead of trying to jump down my throat they would have already read the quote when I posted it but they didn't because they'd rather just yell. I'm not going to respond to you any longer because you just clearly don't understand what manipulative personality types are capable of, and you keep putting words in my mouth and in-general completely misrepresenting everything I say because you're mad and want to look like you're winning. I'm just going to leave this; you're judging the mistress of a known manipulative pedophile as a malicious homewrecker, I hope nobody in your life who ever encounters an abusive person ever comes to you for support because you will not be able to help them. Maybe you'll be able or willing to understand what I was saying if you read SquidsEye's post, because they're a 3rd party.
Not only Shad, but it's hosted on Kiwifarms, no less. Despite this whole situation and any zingers they make about it, those bottom-feeders still don't deserve any attention.
My mother abused my dad, my brother, and myself for 10 years in a broken marriage because he got diagnosed with diabetes and became bedridden, and they could not divorce as neither of them could provide for my brother and I alone. She manipulated everyone around her into believing my dad abused her physically and called the cops on multiple occasions. I once slept in a hospital bed with my dad because I was removed from my home for no actual reason, and the cops knew that and couldn't do anything for me without another parent being present in the home.
You'd think that all those experiences would make you aware of how destructive manipulators are and yet here you are, blaming potential victims. I really don't know what to say to that, I have my own share of abuse both in my life, and in the lives of people I love and it's really awful to see another abuse survivor extolling the same rhetoric that can make life so hard for victims.
See i think the problem is that you think manipulating someone turns them into some kind of lobotomized mind controlled slave and it doesn't, even at a deep level. Also i hope the irony isn't lost on you on how you're touting her as a POTENTIAL victim but saying WE should abstain from judgement.
why is this your cliff to die on? that women can never do wrong?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Reminder that women are too weak and stupid to make their own decisions and that handsome men can easily dominate them with really no effort at all. They just can't help but be manipulated by a beautiful man. You basically just smile in their direction and they they simply can't contain themselves, especially at the sight of someone as charming and chiseled as this gu- https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DNhANQPW0AAHW0r.jpg Oh Jesus fucking weeps I take all of that back What was I thinking, Christ. Boy was I wrong. Maybe women can make their own informed decisions after all.
i wouldnt be too sure about that
Seeing now that you copied the tweet word for word, I apologize. I didn't see any direct links and don't have the tweet memorized so I went with no proof was provided. Granted, it doesn't prove your point - I do apologize for the ban threat.
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