• Youtuber Projared is accused of cheating on his wife before filing for divorce.
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Jfc even as someone who kinda likes cross dressing this is just flat out unattractive on every level.
I can understand being manipulated n shit. But at the same time, there's a threshold where you can snap out of it and go "What the fuck am i doing?". And given from what i've been seeing about this whole shit show. Holly probably passed that threshold already. So SKS you're taking it to unrealistic levels of where somebody can be manipulated. To the point of verging on the idea that Holly was basically "Braindead".
Let me get this straight: you accuse someone of having no idea of how bad manipulators get, dude lays out having experienced first-hand some pretty horrible manipulation...and your response to that is to double down on being a condescending dickhole? What the actual fuck is wrong with you?
Problem was, you didn't actually link to the quote, which meant there was no proof that it was actually said, and you didn't really help your case by instantly going into fedora tier ad hominems by saying everyone who ignored your unproven quote had aphasia
Aphasia is just the new buzzword :v
I’m actually just saying we shouldn’t lay down preemptive judgement on a likely very complicated situation with a myriad of unknown factors, while everyone else acts like I’m saying she’s not guilty of anything. If you look at the back-and forth you can see 1/4 life and the other people involved literally ignoring what I’m saying and repeating these points. This all started because 1/4 life accused me of supporting projared for no reason and they’ve just stayed mad at me the entire time. I do want to see more speculation on how this is a complex plan for me to fuck holly though, or how I’m giving her a pussy pass because she’s a woman or whatever other incel rhetoric you guys want to throw out.
I find it odd that you are talking about manipulation n shit with a sense of being completely aware of how manipulation works. Yet when someone actually presents you with experience with manipulation. You completely denounce their stance and in fact, call their experiences as not a reference to Manipulation in general. well nvm, you just got sacked.
holy shit that ban length is savage as fuck.
https://twitter.com/bernietxt/status/1127243589795422213?s=19 Oh fuck He wanted the nude leaks all along
At this rate, I think he needs psychological help more than anything.
Prisons have psych wards, right?
I am so glad that the only skeletons in my closet are weird porn things
Why though? It doesn't prove his point and he doesn't recognize that it doesn't in the end. He literally states he reposted it to dodge your ban, despite your ban being a deterrent against sea-lioning combined with concern trolling. It's your call to make, but if we look at it, he hasn't really fulfilled his "duty".
Because he did back up his side of the argument, even if it doesn't make a lot of sense.
Honestly I agree. I'm not a patron saint myself, but I've never done anything that would hurt another person.
https://twitter.com/Sickboy_Daddy/status/1126893652461092866 There were signs all the way up to his early days and they all went unnoticed. There is so much that is coming to bite his ass so hard. Dude fucking LOVED himself, huh? The most I have laughed in a long time. Schadenfreude at it's purest form. This is probably the best part of this whole drama.
He showed us where he decided to make his giant leap. it didn't make sense, as you say and it's not substantial evidence. I would hope you stick to your original promise. but in the end, that's your business. I just want to point out that he didn't make any effort to bring evidence of his claims. Someone else brought something that did not actually prove SKS' point and he clung to that like rats on the titanic. but in the end, it doesn't prove his claims and as others have said, it is very unlikely that his fair lady will surrender her maidenhood forth-width to his lacking rhetorical fortifications against the incel horde... Piss-taking aside. It's of course your place to decide whether he lived up to your standard of proof. but i think it should mean something that he hardly attempted to or succeeded in bringing anything to bear that changed anyones mind that the fair maiden wasn't all that fair...
I just don’t understand how his fucked up blogs went under the radar
https://youtu.be/wqBk4kaYcc0 omg...
Look at the URL of that image. Kiwifarms is literally a website for people who want to be terrible pieces of shit, of course Shadman has fans there.
It's actually pretty easy to confirm that most of Kiwifarms hates shadman, like a lot.
Just going off a cursory google search of the site and what others have to say about it, that seems like quite the achievement.
His earlier work was less porn and more offensive/disgusting gag-a-day comics. That kind of thing tends to get a lot of attention for short periods of time (see Electric Retard, Billy the Heretic, or even Lolokaust for a Facepunch-related example) but unlike the authors of those comics Shadman started making more and more straight-up porn, which kept him going after the comics lost steam.
Dude has lost nearly 200k over the past three days and is still losing subs lmao
https://i.imgur.com/ZIugQyG.png OOF!
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