• Arizona Legalizes Nunchucks
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Say what you will, but getting hit in the face with a piece of wood that has a leaded weight innit, would fucking hurt. IIRC, it's really easy to kill someone with nunchucks.
Size (diameter), mass and velocity is comparable to a baton. There's a reason they teach us to not go for the head, face and joints.
Yeap, nunchucks are difficult to master, the chances of you injuring yourself is really high if you have no idea how to handle it Couple that with everyone acting like Bruce Lee as soon as they grab hold of one....its just a recipe for disaster.
nunchucks are hard to master if you're wanting to flex and flip them around a lot but just hammering the shit out of someone with them is easy as fuck
Way back when, my dad would show me his old nunchucks that he got and trained with (his inspiration for it being Bruce Lee). He could mimic Bruce Lee's moves one for one, but whenever I'd ask him how he learned it, he told me there was a lot of trial and error by self-inflicted injury involved. You could easily bash someone with nunchucks, but I think more wannabe heroes are gonna end up bashing themselves because of this.
Yeah you can easily hold them like a flail and use it that way.
In a state where nearly everyone is packing heat, owns firearms and where I can hear gunshots from my backyard, nun-chucks were on "the list of deadly weapons that are illegal to own in most circumstances." Yeah that makes whole alotta sense..
nunchucks got banned for the same reasons balisongs and switchblades were in many places: popular amongst gang members.
Unrelated to legalization of nunchucks
nunchucks don't kill people, ninja's kill people
and lots of stupid people
Realistically though if you want to clobber a cunt nowadays you are better going with an old-fashioned bommy-knocker or a solid table leg or something, going out of your way to get nunchucks seems fucking dumb.
You guys know they make training nunchucks out of soft materials right?
Do you really think that your table leg would do better than some mean cunt with a lead-weighted portable first class lever?
No but a table leg is: easily acquired literally effortless to use in contrast almost impossible to hurt yourself with Whereas nunchucks are the complete opposite. I'm speaking relatively anyway-- people underestimate that just because weapons have been outmoded on a like, warfare level (IE muskets are tactically laughable nowadays) doesn't mean they aren't still fucking lethal. I know someone who got done because he defended his house during a burglary with a homemade spear. Dude he jabbed with it ended up hospitalized for months.
And as we know, Gang members obey the law
And as you know, it's harder to buy/import something when it's ILLEGAL.
But what about gopherchucks? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/189448/2bbef85a-524a-47c8-9ec0-535e429c5c41/image.png
You can easily make your own nunchucks by attaching two wrenches together with a chain or a rope. I don't see the purpose of banning something that is so easy to make yourself.
It's because most people are too lazy to do DIY projects. That's why 3D-printed guns won't be a persistent threat and weapon bans end up normally working. You could make a butterfly knife without a large amount of effort, too, but that doesn't change that their ban makes it far less likely for them to be encountered in criminal hands. Criminals won't abide laws, but they are opportunists first-and-foremost and will much rather rely on obtaining pre-existing weapons than to go through the effort of creating their own, even if it means not having access to them.
i'm fairly confident we're not gonna see a wave of nunchuck violence in arizona
Because a makeshift item like that isn't going to be the same as the real thing. Banning weapons does actually reduce their usage, despite what some would have you believe; if it's a weapon that leads to a high fatality rate, then, by proxy, we're reducing deadly assaults.
Idk why but this came to my head when i head the title: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gFflgBuUiE
Does this mean that this is legal now: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/5LI6S
Nunchucks are just weighted sticks connected to each other with chains. You get two items with roughly the same weight or more, connect them end to end and it's going to be just as effective.
Not unless you’re willing to put yourself on a federal registry, shell out $200 in taxes, submit a passport photo of yourself to the ATF, go to a police station and get fingerprinted to submit those to the ATF, and finally wait somewhere between 6 to 12 months to pass an extended background check from the ATF. Also you have to do it for EACH GUN. And if somehow you manage to do all that, you still cannot travel out of state with your gunchucks without prior approval from the federal government.
Worth it.
Ah, good ol' America
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