• Jeremy Kyle Show suspended after guest death
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Now watch as the collective IQ of the nation rises by a few dozen points in the time period that this is down.
i don't know anything about the circumstanced in which the person deceased passed... buuut... when everyone on your show is a chain-smoking, alcoholic, overweight chav it's surely only a matter of time before something like this happens
It's such a garbage show, just bringing unstable people and their personal issues on TV to gawp at, I hope it stays off air.
Yeah, I despise TV like this so much. My mum used to watch this and it made me sad. Poor, uneducated people's lives aren't entertainment, or at least shouldn't be. This basically explains my thoughts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZQlsSWcmfs
Don't really like this because it kinda sets a bad precedent, I wouldn't want Dr Phil or more serious shows to be cancelled because of something outside their control. On the other hand, the Jeremy Kyle show is just trash.
Dr. Phil should be cancelled even without a controversy, IMO.
I haven't heard of this show before. Is it like the UK version of Jerry Springer or Murry?
Basically exactly that, yes.
Oh you poor bastards. Day time talk shows are the worst
Calling Jeremy Kyle "day time talk" is an insult to actual talk shows. This is a show where a very shouty man shouts at somebody with a drug addiction, or who's having an affair, or just some teen who won't listen to their parents, until they break down or lash out. Just to wrap it up with a "okay well we can get you some therapy/ a councillor/ a life coach" so it looks like they helped (fairly sure the help they offer is the absolute baseline they can get). But don't let that distract you from the fact the main draw of the audience is Kyle shouting at people worse off than themselves.
The difference being that Springer and Maury are openly scripted and have been for years. Everything I've heard from Jeremy Kyle has seemed to be real
I've heard that Jeremy Kyle smells like PVA glue.
unfortunalty my dad knows someone who was rough enough to end up on the show and yes, it's real. also the production staff treat everyone like shit behind the scenes, allegedly
https://twitter.com/JimMFelton/status/1127875549135876096 A real shame it took someone dying to get this trash off the air.
How will these inbreds get their 15 minutes of fame now
Nice to see that facepunch hasn't run out of insensitive pricks just yet
Hell yeah how will these forums would be without charming assholes like us? Dr . OZ as well.
Your name is burgerdemon so you really shouldn't be complaining about in breads. Glass houses and all that.
I dont think Jerry Springer got suspended for the same reason, so that's kind of odd.
What are pensioners and the unemployed going to watch now?
don't worry we still have endless reruns of nothing to declare
Hey, Homes Under The Hammer can actually be an interesting watch, don't be sullying its name by comparing it to Jeremy Kyle
My mum is always watching this, I absolutely can't stand the show.
Apparently it's due to a suicide based on lie detector results. Pretty shitty if you ask me, but surprised it's taken that long for something like this to happen. I know JK is trash, but the demographic of people who watch the show includes those who appear on the show, it's not really as if it's exclusively middle class folk who watch it to laugh at the worse off underlings ( not saying that doesn't happen though ) - nor am I saying that makes it OK.
Maury yes, Jerry Springer no because Springer's at least self-aware. Good riddance, I hope the show is killed off for good along with Kyle's career. Nothing more than a social freakshow to parade and humiliate people struggling with poverty, addiction, mental health and domestic issues. I've a relative who came on the Kyle show for one of its medical segments and according to her behind the scenes Kyle came across as an arrogant narcissist focused on his publicity which I suppose is to be expected to be successful with a talk show. .
jeremy kyle thinks he's the expert of all life issues but doesnt he himself have personal issues.
Most daytime-help-TV shows do. At work earlier I saw Trisha was on This Morning, talking about how her daughters drug and drink habit was happening behind the scenes while she was still running the show.
Lie detectors aren't perfect either, they're actually pretty shit at detecting lies. Now with this in mind imagine having a lie detector accuse you of something that's probably life ruining, something you likely didn't do, and being told that they are using that result on live television infront of millions, that's something that can drive someone to suicide for sure.
RIP Jezza https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48279613
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