• Gearbox co-founder says he saw Randy shove claptrap VA.
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https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2019/05/11/landon-montgomery-randy-pitchford-allegations/ Eddings provided Newsweek screenshots of text messages that he exchanged with Pitchford, which show his loyalty being questioned. “I’m giving you everything without breaking my word,” Eddings texted. “Who the f*** are you loyal to?” Pitchford responded. “Gearbox or some f****** random guy? And what the f*** are they going to lose if they are exposed?” In later texts, Pitchford called Eddings an idiot for keeping his source a secret, and told him that his priorities are “completely f*****.” Remove the cunt already for fuck sake.
I feel it's only a matter of time before someone snaps and ends up beating the shit out of Randy. And I can only say that I kind of hope it happens at this point. Maybe he'd learn something.
All this recent game dev controversy makes me worried for my partner who is about to break into a programming position.
This made the headlines because it’s the exception, not the rule. I wouldn’t be worried about their wellbeing unless there was a mass breakout of similar stories to this. That being said - Randy is a fucking cunt that should never work in the industry again. Drag his name screaming through mud so thick nobody will want anything to do with this discarded piece of rectum’s name.
Randy needs to fuck off, Gearbox would be much better off without him.
fire this prick asap
I think he owns the company
Tell Randy Bobandy to fuck off.
He can still be kicked out if there’s enough pressure from the board of investors
Personally i'd rather against physical violence and also hope it's Randy who snaps and does something to piss off the Board of investors so he gets the boot.
Your partner is less likely to be assaulted and more likely to face inhumane unpaid overtime
It's awesome how Gearbox's PR was all Randy until he was accused of assault and receiving $12mi that were supposed to go to Gearbox, not his personal account. Then Gearbox releases a statement saying that their employess are brought down by personal disputes. I bet Randy wrote this message.
They should call it Borderline 3
I think we're past the point where this shit is gonna turn people away and just making everything related to the company look very bad. So we can all agree Randy needs to go bye bye.
Nooooo, no Randy “Stay for the Porn” Pitchford! You certainly don’t mean to remove the genius that is Randy “It’s Ok, Cause I’m on the Spectrum” Pitchford. If so, yeah, I’m sick of that loser too.
First man to make a pertinent Randy Pitchford edit of the following wins a diamond. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/207608/d91f4c72-9a98-45a1-8a20-96f59097424a/image.png
I'll make it my new avatar. got coins to spend to get the right aspect ratio.
I also got coins. That is all.
It sort of works. I burned like 1k coins and it's still just not big enough. I failed.
I kinda wish you used the one where Randy is wearing those shades that say "BAD ASS" on them, still great tho
Cue Randy whining about how the public perception and journalism is completely false and he was the victim on twitter
If that happens, I'll rock it forever with a toxx carrying over to Knockout. (are we allowed to toxx?)
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211451/09f54ded-d5e7-4c00-8c54-b907b16a010c/randy piss.jpg
I'm too attached with the badage boys meme to change my avi but I love you
I'd fuck me.
Why he was given a second chance after Aliens: Colonoscopy Latrines baffles me.
Because where he failed in Aliens he succeded in Borderlands and that was probably enough to please his Board. He also didn't have a constant Twitter meltdown back then.
Okay, so I've been seeing a fair few people mentioning things like this, and I just really feel like I need to say something here. Gearbox is privately owned. It doesn't have stock on the market, it doesn't have shareholders, and it doesn't have a board.* *A company can have some shareholders or a small board and still be considered privately owned, but this information is usually held close to the vest, as it's usually either family members or employees that own what shares the company does have. However, I cannot find any information at all indicating that Gearbox has any such distribution of shares. As far as I can tell, Randy and the company's four other co-founders are the sole owners of the company. And seeing as I have heard literally nothing of the four other co-founders (who all supposedly still work at the company, as per this site - Gearbox's website has literally zero mention of any staff, not even Randy himself, as far as I can tell), I think it's safe to assume that Randy is effectively the sole owner of the company. All of which is to say that no matter how much we want it to be possible, there is no "board" that Randy can piss off - and, importantly, no "board" that can kick Randy out. The only way Randy's leaving is he dies or he willingly quits. And I don't see either happening any time soon. For better or for worse, Gearbox is stuck with him for the foreseeable future. And so are we.
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