• Starbreeze CEO claims it may not survive another year without more funding.
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https://www.gamesradar.com/payday-2-publisher-starbreeze-might-not-last-another-year-if-additional-funding-cant-be-found/ Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark outlined in the report how the studio was being hit the hardest, and pointed to lower net sales and higher administrative costs related to the reconstruction and the negative accounting effect of the sale of its latest title System Shock 3.  “My main task is to secure financing for the company’s future operations. This involves both long-term financing we can use to build the Starbreeze of the future,” Nermark stated, “but also making sure that the assets we have determined are unrelated to the core business are managed in a commercially viable way.”  In the close of Nermark’s statement, the CEO revealed all is not lost yet thanks to the studios strongest asset Payday, which could help to keep Starbreeze afloat while it tries to acquire more funding: “We are in a challenging situation. I stand united with the entire Starbreeze team in the efforts to get the business in order. We have a very strong asset in Payday, which is the foundation upon which we will build Starbreeze future.”
Please don't let "more funding" mean Epic games exclusivity
If there's anything this company should know how to do, it's get a lot of money fast.
And get caught trying to do so? Starbreeze searched in insider trading investigation | Rock Pape.. https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/12/05/starbreeze-offices-raided-employee-arrested-on-suspicion-of-insider-trading
stealth was optional to the mission
EGS exclusivity would be better than closing the studio
Isn't their main game called Payday? Very meta.
if it came down to, epic games store, or no game at all the company wouldn't even think twice
I'm of the opinion that if a company releases more bad/mediocre games than hits, then they deserve to close down, not get propped up by an external company. They haven't released a really well received title since Dead by Daylight 3 years ago, Raid: World War 2 and their VR games were solidly mediocre and sold about as well as you could expect and Overkill's The Walking Dead was such a high profile flop that Skybound took the licence off them and pulled the game from sale entirely. Sure, it sucks for the developers who'll have to start looking for work, but to be frank, Starbreeze brought this upon itself.
I still don't understand this mentallity. You didn't invest your money into the games development. What does it matter if they put out another bad game? Just don't buy/play it. Then it doesn't even matter how they distribute it.
Correction: the higher-ups at Starbreeze brought this upon the employees. The job market is going to be a BLOODSHED when Starbreeze goes belly-up. That’s 150+ employees in Stockholm alone, over 600 worldwide. This lies entirely on their destructive mismanagement of the studio.
Because companies doing badly of their own devices don't deserve bailouts. It's that simple. I'm not even arguing about how it's being distributed, I'm arguing about the idea of a company that isn't being profitable getting a sudden influx of money it's done nothing to earn.
People can invest money how they want.
For how much they butchered their fan base, the cleaner costs probably putting them in the red.
nothing of value will be lost
All because the higher ups are beyond fucking stupid and threw money at projects that had zero potential.
Just bring back regular updates and DLC for Payday 2, I'll single-handedly save Starbreeze.
They're not investing it in Starbreeze, that's for sure.
StarVR and OTWD had potential. StarVR is praised in the VR world because of its tech, but the price point makes it inaccessible to consumers. The Walking Dead is a huge brand, and had the game come out in the original timeframe and under better management it could've been an alright hit (nowhere near Payday, but probably a decent playerbase). The key lies in that though, the management.
Which is entirely fine and sensible. It's a company's responsibility to find funds. But there's no need to make it difficult for them on the assumption that they don't have another good game left in them. If one were to object to their continued operation because of their scummy business practices and/or abuse of workers and consumers then I'd completely understand but that wasn't the impression I got from Baconheart's post.
If this happens, I'd definitely had seen it coming miles away. The way I see it, the company is in such dire straits, that Epic is probably the only one willing to take them on, and if they probably would because they'd probably have dollar signs in their eyes from being able to own temporary exclusive rights to the potential sequel of a very popular game that was once on Steam. In some ways, I actually do hope it happens, because it would no doubt be a huge investment from Epic, and i have almost no doubts that Starbreeze would fuck things up again to mismanagement, and potentially cause Epic's investment to go down the drain, which would be doubly hilarious.
I dunno man, Payday 2 is pretty hard to get into for new players. Everyone that plays nowadays is a high level, and they don't want to play with newbies.
Power Creep hit payday 2 hard as fuck. I played for around a year at launch, booted it up a couple years later and there's like fifteen new skill point currencies and weird prestige shit, feels like everythings been redone and my builds from before wouldn't be effective whatsoever. I had to hit the wiki just to figure out what any of that shit meant and after an hour or two I realized I wouldn't be able to get my friends back into it so I just dropped it. They've made gangbusters with payday 2 as far as I know, I don't know how they dropped the ball if this is true. Epic's going to buy them up and most likely payday 2 ultimate will get moved to the EGS because this kind of statement is just a lil handwave to Tim Sweeny for attention.
The interface and just the massive list of stuff is also... intimidating. I genuinely got more enjoyment out of payday 1, simply due to the tighter scope imo.
Lol idk why you are being dumb down. You are completely. People are just salty people they hate Epic games. If starvreeze fails and I was a billionaire and bailed them out then that's my right. It's my money. If epic games or stream or anybody decided to bail them out why the fuck not? Anybody's upset that twinkies came back? Nope.
It's not a bailout if it's from another company. If a company invests in another company, it's because the investor believes they have speculative value. If companies never got "bailed out" by private firms (read: investment) then markets would die immediately, GDP would plummet, and smaller companies would be fucking thrashed forever by larger companies and have 0 chance of ever getting a foothold in any market.
I have a lot of bad things to say about Payday 2, but honestly I've still got like 100-200ish hours in it. Occassionally I go back to enjoy it but only for a little bit until it gets stale again. What the game needs isn't content, it hasn't needed that for years - atleast that's my artistic critique of it, their profits must say otherwise. What they need to do is let it go and develop a fresh new game with an improved core in terms of engine and mechanics.
What ever happened to them developing Payday 3? People would eat that shit up.
I'm still dumbfounded that they decide to use Diesel again for RAID
I bought RAID and it was one of the few purchases I regret making and I wish I could materialist a physical copy of the game, take a shit in the case, and throw it at the CEO.
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