• Ancestors: the humankind odyssey has been pulled from steam for EGS.
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https://www.pcgamer.com/as-expected-ancestors-the-humankind-odyssey-is-a-year-long-epic-store-exclusive/ Interestingly, while Take-Two has favored the Epic Store with recent releases—Borderlands 3 will also be exclusive—the studio said in an earnings call today that these timed exclusives will be "rare." "In terms of supporting the Epic Games Store, we think more distribution is a good thing," Take-Two chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick said during today's earnings call. "And while it's rare that we'll do exclusives for any period of time—we continue to support Steam with our titles, our catalog—and these titles will be going to Steam relatively quickly after their initial availability on the Epic Games Store."  Apparently having almost all your releases exclusive from the day EGS started handing out money like a broken ATM is now a rare occurrence.
Kinda like how loot drops are rare but are actually intended to drop precisely when needed to keep you playing. Words don't mean anything anymore.
Alright. I got it. RDR2 will be EGS exclusive.
I still have faith in Rockstar to make it available on Steam.
No no no no.. NO... NO.. no no no No NOOO!!! Why!! Nooo NOOO! NOOO! literally the only single player game I have waited for... Haven't said much about this whole shitstorm Epic has put on but ffs, please don't take this from me.
I feel like Rockstar/Take Two are so big that they wouldn't give a shit about Tom Sweeney's little gift basket. They want their games on the largest number of platforms because that makes them the most cash.
Nah, you'll probably get a choice between the Epic Store and Rockstar's own shitty service that either has or had a big problem with account theft.
That's up to Take-Two Interactive I'm pretty sure. And I doubt they'll say no to the inevitable hefty burlap sack with a dollar sign on it.
I don't think it will lose that many sales if it goes to EGS. Most people will just go to whatever platform its sold on.
It won't come out to Steam. Heck, I doubt Epic will allow them to distribute RDR2 via RGSC.
"we think more distribution is a good thing" so we're gonna put it on one platform?
by 'more distribution' I assume he means putting the game onto a smaller store with less distribution because that's the only way that sentence makes sense when you're putting your game as an exclusive to one marketplace and blocking it from being on any others
Wouldn't be suprised if R*/T2 told Epic to just fuck off if that happens
All EGS exclusives are timed. And "EGS exclusive" is a bit of a misnomer, it's more like Steam exclusion.
uPlay exclusives are released on Steam. Not all EGS exclusives are timed (Metro Exodus is permanently EGS exclusive). Rocket League will become EGS exclusive. I can list a plethora of games that aren't timed exclusives.
You're right about the second half of your post, but not all EGS exclusives are timed. They can pretend it's "timed" now and then decide they'll keep it off Steam after all, because people will care less in a year or so.
Upcoming UPlay games won't be released on Steam. GR Breakpoint for one is UPlay and Epic only.
So many upcoming games I won't play. Sweet.
Well you know what that means.
You misunderstood me, I meant that the EGS exclusivity deals only seem to require them to not release on Steam, some EGS exclusives have released on both EGS and other platforms, like uPlay, at the same time. So RDR2 will likely be availible on both EGS and Rockstar social club. its supposed to release on Steam a year after its initial release, unless something has changed Will Metro Exodus ever return to Steam? Yes - Metro Exodus will return to Steam and on other store fronts after 14th February 2020.
Metro will be back on Steam IIRC. Source?
List of game I don't care about grows
I have to thank epic for all the money it's saving me this year. Actually able to work through my backlog
Assuming they don't / wait a year before releasing it I imagine some will be inclined to pirate in the interim period.
My hot take is that Red Dead Redemption 2 would be the game that would kill Epic Games Store. A breaking of the camel's back, to say the least. See when Epic signs on exclusives, they also guarantee sales which means they will buy all copies necessary ( afaik ) to keep the game in the black. Since Rockstar themselves have this built of pedigree over the years that is a guaranteed continued mega hit ( See Grand Theft Auto V on Steam's Top Selling ), Take 2 would likely ask for a premium for it's exclusivity and it's pricing of copies. Epic would sign it of course, since that seems to be their bullish strategy thus far, but now Epic would now be forced in a make it or break it situation. Epic making it : A majority of people sees Red Dead Redemption 2 on EGS, becoming the jumping point for people to make accounts to purchase the game, and being the consistent top seller on the platform similar to GTA V on Steam. Epic Breaking it : Epic breaking even, or just having sales bellow the break even point and it just making the occasional sale here and there.
Oof thank god for Epic! I was going into the red!
https://youtu.be/jzS1AkFp_9E rip funny monkey game
Rockstar has their own storefront.
so does Ubisoft, but their latest games like Anno 1800 are on both EGS and Uplay but not Steam. I reckon Epic will shell out insane amounts of cash to have such a big title as RDR2 on EGS and not on Steam considering they did it for Anno
Has, ongoing to the day.
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