• Epic is sponsoring this year's E3 PC Gaming Show, so most games might be on EGS
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https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/announcement-pc-gaming-show-2019-first-participants-revealed-300849366.html I just want this company to fuck off, but nope, now they're gonna buy out whatever games show up at that conference.
usually around this time of the year i'd be at least a bit excited for e3 but i just can't muster the energy to give a fuck anymore. everything is live services, microtransactions, locked on shit launchers or has various other problems making the games not worth giving a fuck about
Can these people ever stop ruining someone else image, just because these indie and couple Triple AAA developers called their store home?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/993f5b4f-c756-4a3c-bd84-53c9bfc79c0d/1557844676436[1].jpg The future is now, old man!
Yes epic. Please keep burning money. Set yourself up for ruin after fortnite stops subsidizing your bullshit
man, really nice of piratebay to sponsor this years pc gaming show
I'm more passed at Valve barely doing anything than Epic being a general dickhead at this point to be honest
m&b bannerlord for egs, calling it now
That's why I thought this year's E3 was going to be shitty. Can we boycott E3 as well?
Ah, so PCG are finally being open about the Epic sponsorship that they've been keeping quiet for the past year. They've been disclosing that articles are sponsored but have avoided revealing who was responsible, openly. Not that the content of the sponsored articles didn't make it abundantly clear.
oh boy i can't wait to play all of my favourite 2019 games in 2020 or alternatively, all of my favourite 2020 games in 2021
Oh I wonder which games Epic is going to provide Cease & Delist notices printed in cash sums this time?
You think it'll last that long?
hey look at least the audience will have something to bark at instead of a snoozefest like every year.
Valve can just sit back for a bit and work on something in secret while Epic tarnishes its own reputation.
When are they going to run out of money. Yes, I understand that they have a lot of income from fortnite bucks but surely them spending it recklessly is going to come back to haunt them at some point?
Tim Sweeny is literally George Soros of PC Gaming
The Jews ruling society are making it oppress gamers. It's all starting to make sense
That's probably why they're pushing this so aggressively, they have a money factory and want to try and take advantage of that to ram themselves into the market by force. I imagine there's people at Epic smart enough to know that Fortnite isn't likely to last forever, and they want to set themselves up with a future guaranteed money maker
This is the only thing I'm hoping for at this point is for the crowd to turn against them very badly after like every announcement. I wouldn't put it past Epic to fill the crowd with shills though, or at least enough to try and drown out all the jeers. Thanks Epic for potentially saving me hundreds of dollars this holiday season!
It'd feel good and would be awesome if the following scenario happened: Game company "this game is awesome" and proceeds to show it off, making it look cool and whatnot also game company: "it'll be an EGS exclusive" whole crowd booes them à la Blizzard, with the devs replying "don't you guys have an Epic Games account?"
I want to get off Mr Sweeney's wild ride
Valve has been """working""" on something secret for so long that the secret is they're not doing anything.
Your post is the Tim Sweeny of this thread
I wouldn't blame Valve for abstaining throughout the fiasco. Epic is doing a pretty good job at making enemies all without Valve's input, and it shows in this very thread. I trust in time ( as it has done before ) that Fortnite will eventually peter out of mass popularity. It happened with Minecraft, it will happen to Fortnite as well. Epic is playing the short term game that will fail in the long term.
Who wants to make the bingo card?
To be honest I wouldn't mind Epic Games Store if you know it held any value towards Steam in terms of features and stuff like that. Also I wouldn't mind it if Epic didn't run it,since they like to treat their employees like "bodies" and sucking on Tencent's cock. Though I'm not going to pessimistic and say I'm not looking forwards E3 since there's always something good out of it also it's when we might get a release date for the HALO MCC on steam
I can’t wait for Epic to run out of money and implode
I doubt they're going to actually run out of money but I do wonder how sustainable this stuff is for them. They're paying pretty big amounts to all these developers but what do they even get in return? A bunch of bad PR and I doubt those games then go to sell well enough on the epic store to get Epic the money they put in back. It just seems like a huge money drain on their part.
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