• EA quietly scales its E3 plans further, makes it one day of livestreams
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Good move, press conferences are a waste of time and money.
So it's going to be a mini-event for the whole day? If its what I think it is, then I think that's pretty good as it'd be shit to have 2018 happen again with SPURTS and ANTHEM BABYYYYY taking up 80% of the conference again.
Having a big stage show is a waste of time. Having a presentation of their future titles is very important. If they all just made a video and posted them on the weekend before E3 starts it'd achieve the same thing and save everyone who normally have to attend the conferences a lot of time.
Doesn't matter, they're always amusing to watch and the memes that come out of them are great. But Glad they can finally put all the money they'll save from not having a conference directly into their CEOs pockets now
Looking forward to Ben Irving getting up on stage and pretending Anthem isn't a burning trash fire as he announces Anthem 2 with yet another entirely fake pre-rendered trailer
Stock is down, big projects have flopped, pretty clear cut that they're running around like chickens without a head. Groovy!
E3 is boring corporate garbage, just do what any reasonable company would do and just reveal shit at it comes
I'm honestly kind of disappointed. Sure, most of E3 sucked (and still does suck) massive shit, but I've always enjoyed taking a few days off for a constant stream of fun and garbage with friends. Now that everything is getting fractured it'll kind of lose the fun of staying up till 3 while having a cold one with the lads to watch every big publisher stumble shit their pants.
man, the E3 cringe megacut is gonna be sad this year.
Then Andrew Wilson quietly sneaks onto the stage, Irving starts to cry saying "oh god, no, please Mr. Wilson!" and they both leave the stage, Wilson with a forced smile hiding simmering rage, and Irving just non stop crying.
One day streams means I won't give a shit Nintendo does them correctly. I can sit down and tune in for like an hour or so for a very concentrated session. Stage conferences are fine though, worst thing is when you're watching a live playsession for a game you give zero fucks about. The Cyberpunk 2077 shit at the end of last years xbox conference was pretty dope though
I don't see why every company is either backing out of E3 or trying to have their own. It's literally the one time a year that i can be arsed to make a list of upcoming games to keep an eye on and their attempt to grab more mindspace by fracturing away from the event literally results in me not being aware of their releases the coming year ahead of time. In my mind, there's nothing but ego in these constant attempts to distance from E3, by different publishers. but perhaps they see something i don't. All i know is that e3 is convenient and them wanting me to tune into 9 seperate streams spread over 3 months or more just isn't happening. Can someone Eli5 why the industry is trying to kill e3 and other tradeshow/conventions?
the cringe compilations are the only thing good about E3, and seeing how absolutely greedy these companies are no less
honest question here. why are you more in favor if everything being more spread out and hard to follow/make time for? what's so specifically wrong with 3 days of presentations/advertising? Nintendo's streams are literally the worst and most soulless shit in the industry.
I don't think the idea of making an event of it is terrible, it can be a fairly good thing infact. The main issue is that it's literally just full of really cunty marketing robots rather than people who have an actual personality and half a brain. You get garbage-tier marketing jokes and idiotic advertisements for shit nobody wants, like the 'new $99.99 anal bead cosmetic DLC'. Bethesda did an excellent presentation the one year, it actually felt like humans ran it. Dev Digital definitely had character, I liked seeing that. I'd be less cynical if the major companies like Sony and Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA just shut the fuck up and played trailers, and stopped thinking they know how humans work. Plus video games are already announced "spread out", it literally changes nothing to how advertising already functions. E3 doesn't exist as the sole means of advertising. if you have good marketing, people will eat it up. You don't need to make an event for people to be interested in genuinely good marketing.
I'm excited to see some Fallen order gameplay.
You're God of the Groove so I defer to your better judgements on matters of grooviness.
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