• Disney assumes direct control of Hulu
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Disney to Netflix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srme0p3oxFo
If I don't get my Star Wars Rebels on there I will literally die.
It'll be on Disney+. Hell, I bet all of Hulu merges with Disney+.
Nah, they need Hulu to put all their not kid-friendly properties. And they better keep next-day television, that's the whole point of Hulu for me.
I mean they can run two competing services and possibly capture double income, but with less buyers, or merge it into one behemoth with a higher price. I suspect one service with a higher price would win out, people are already starting to hate the fragmentation of streaming services.
no, they want disney+ to be a walled garden of curated content of pg13 and under, Hulu is still a mass of stuff of all kinds of ratings.
Assuming direct control?
so can't wait for the first streaming bundle package courtesy Disney to herald in the recursive cable package future it was foretold that we'd end up right back at.
Is there any announcement that they’re actually keeping permanent kid mode on Disney+ or is that still just a wild guess
Candy companies do this. They compete with each other despite being owned by the same company. It works better than anything.
Disney is one of a number of companies that needs to be broken up somehow.
Man I can't wait for cable tier pricing over 5+ streaming services. I already have to deal with bullshit like not being able to watch bladerunner 2049 buecase I need some fucking cinemax addon or the mask (Jim carey one) needing HBO because fuck you pay more. The moment they start injecting adds I would just drop everything.
just keep the anime on hulu and i'll be happy
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