• BAFTA to honour Epic Games with Special Award
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http://www.bafta.org/media-centre/press-releases/bafta-to-honour-epic-games-with-special-award Congratulations Tim, you sexy beast.
How much did they pay BAFTA to keep the awards Epic Store exclusive?
Today, the company continues to innovate on established industry practice and champion the game development community. This is correct, turning your development department techinically not slave labor is pretty innovative by Western standards.
The Epic Games that deserves this is long dead sadly.
No one show them that fortnite 24/7 crunch article.
A lot of bitching about Epic is completely unwarranted but I fail to see how they innovated anything in particular. Not that Fortnite making 3000 million USD in profits and Epic establishing a new storefront overnight with that cash aren't in some ways notable, that's not exactly BAFTA material.
this reeks of bafta trying to be relevant in the gaming sphere while giving epic the "u did it" sticker to put on their fridge. fukken "Special Award" ahahahaha big fukken golden poopstick of excellence yes sir very good sir
Special award doesn't mean it's a positive one. It could be a "what the hell were you thinking" type of award!
Epic deserves a BTFO, not something from BAFTA
Is anyone else weirded out by how Sweeney's head blends into his neck?
I guess awards mean nothing anymore.
Thank you Tim for making gaming great again!
Tim is definitely a beast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e01J3Hz9yoo
oh tim sweeney mate you don't deserve this in the least, kindly fuck off. i'm sure BAFTA will be happy to commendate you for abusing your workers with 100-hour work weeks, or for trying to create a consumer-hostile monopoly of a games store that seeks to paint its competitors as the Devil.
First the PC gaming show sponsorship, now this BAFTA award? These guys just can’t stop racking up wins! Not reading any replies to this post btw.
Imagine thinking you're really funny like this guy here
To be fair they do have Unreal Engine and their flagship title swept the entire younger generation.
Yeah by almost completely copying an existing successful game and marketing it towards kids
Swept through using abusive addictive methods to our youngest and most vulnerable is about as deserving a congrats as Saudi Arabia no longer stoning people immiedatly.
Can you expand upon this first part?
Nobody else came even close Also, even being the biggest advocate in favour of Valve's Pedigreed Source Engine I have to admit Unreal changed all industries from Animation, VR, Architecture, Gaming and etc all over
The "highest bidder" award.
There's a fantastic video that goes through how Fortnite's entire UI and monitization greatly abuses FOMO and Negative Elements to implicitly make you feel like shit for not buying things like the season pass.
If that's the video I'm thinking of, it also highlights that the structure of Fortnite and how it handles content seems to point at the game being considered a "content platform", rather than a game outright. A place for advertisers and marketers to bid for a slice of content within the game (the Avengers crossover makes no fucking sense at all for example, let alone that Marshmello """"concert""""). The game is using things like FOMO not just to drive it's own predatory as fuck store, but also to drive advertising without people even realising they're being advertised too. And lets not forget the unending crunch that the poor souls Sweeny has locked in his dungeons have to suffer to keep this ADD abusing pile of trash relevant.
Pretty much every purchasable item is limited in availability. If you want to get something specific in Fortnite you have to do it now, because after a certain amount of time passes iit will be rotated out and you won't know when it will be available again. Those who don't pay get less of what's on offer more slowly, and have the same time limit that the paying customers have.
For posterity's sake, the video that I believe Swilly and hexpunK are talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPHPNgIihR0
It's the CoD of this generation, and much like it, will also fall. Nothing out of the ordinary, other than the progressively worse money gounging tactics that have been copied by the old champion.
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