• Polygon's author offended by Rage 2 mutant look
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you didn't read the article because the author is clearly taking issue with the developers, who are real people, and how they handled part of the game. it's clear from the article that he does quite like the game as a whole, there's just one specific part that bums him out!
So basically I've read about this issue and similar issues somewhere else and gained the same amount of information and context without having the issue decided for me before I finished the article, and I didn't contribute to an obvious circus of clicks.
His complaint is that it's almost always the villains that have these traits, which is a pretty valid complaint imo. Imagine something unique about yourself, doesn't really have to be anything major but ideally something noticeable. Now imagine every time you saw that trait in media or whatever it was one of the bad guys, or used as a grotesque shock reaction. You'd probably end up feeling pretty shitty about it.
after everyone conflated one employee at the verge not knowing how to build a computer with the entire site being stupid, its no shock that people mischaracterize what polygon's one writer has to say about a game.
Do y'all not read because literally every news outlet based on every subject has regular opinion pieces like this, they aren't sitting you down and telling you that you need to agree with them.
The problem I have with polygon and kotaku, is that they seem to be the leading force in remembering things to be annoyed and offended about. They will put 2+2 and find something to feel offended at faster than anyone else, in anything they can. And I don't know if anyone else would put 2 and 2 together if it weren't for this.
Good for you holding a grudge against two sites because of some opinion pieces while they also do some of the best investigative journalism in the buisness.
context should be looked at IMO, but agree'd nonetheless
I have literally never seen a polygon article/video linked for any reason other to make fun of it. I wouldn't even recognize the outlet's existence if people didn't hate it so much.
Monster Factory is good clean fun, just saying
if poeple just set their anger at the outlet aside, maybe not post at all if it bothers them that much, people wouldn't have to take time to correct misinformation and we'd be able to have an earnest conversation about coding of characters in media because it's a topic that goes over a lot of peoples heads.
Why do that when you can cross your arms and say "*smirks* heh, Kotaku? Polygon? You mean the (((SJW))) sites? Nothin personnel kiddo but I get my game news from more enlightened outlets like Youtube channels that source Kotaku/Polygon stories."
Who cares?
unrelated photo of a polygon journalist https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/3/3c/4xvje3l.png/revision/latest?cb=20161104043733
I mean, the mutant has a cleft palate and Andrew WK talking in a 'mentally disabled' voice. I can very much see where he's coming from
why is this getting dumbed? The op should be getting it for sharing this crap which is clearly what these authors want
the face value of click baits lies in this thread's own title. nobody cares about the article itself as long as it can fuel the hate propaganda agaisnt this one particular outlet.
The problem is that incredibly clickbaity articles like this just poison the well. You have no idea how many people I've met who've started to believe in more reactionary ideals just because of what at least seems like SJWs being incredibly outraged over somewhat minor issues. The articles not actually that bad and it's pretty reasonable, but because the title is "Rage 2 is a good game that makes me feel like garbage" it makes it seem way more like they're outraged and disgusted over an issue that most people don't have to contend with. You just cannot do shit like that with more nuanced and intricate issues like this that don't have a fair representation in the general populace. It's entirely okay to talk about issues like this, but Polygon and Kotaku's brand of clickbait bullshit is just going to make people care less about the issues as this thread had demonstrated.
Yeah, one can only get off the grid, we didn't evolve to filter trough bullshit 24/7, that sort of reaction is inevitable, or, at least, taxing. Oops, we can't get off the grid.
I get why the author is offended but there's little suggestion on how to improve the design other than remove the cleft mouth. That's my main problem with "I'm offended with" articles,they talk about why something offends them without any suggestion on how to make it better.
maybe because, that's the solution
Author also complained about the mutants in general. I guess it was bad writing on my part but the author had hard times getting used to the Crusher's design but didn't offer any suggestion on how to fix that design.
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