• Ubi Creative Director tweets he is working on a new Splinter Cell game
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https://twitter.com/jgerighty/status/1128395675329335296?s=19 No article because its only about 30 minutes old
no Ironside no buy
EGS exclusive?
if division 2 is any indication, uplay and egs. ubi will always sell their games through their own app first and foremost
That really doesn't matter with ubisoft games anyway. Buying them anywhere other than uPlay is pointless as it has to launch through uPlay anyway.
Maybe they're doing different protagonist other than Sam Fisher, the dudes pushing what, 60? story wise.
Can we please get snarky grumpy old man Sam Fisher back and not the off-brand Jack Bauer that took over his body for the last two games?
i would rather play as a hardcore old geriatric than a shell of a character any day its not like anybody had an issue with old snake
Age didn't stop them in Blacklist where story wise Sam was like 55 still moving around like he's 20.
FWIW The main reason they didn't cast him in Blacklist was because he was fighting cancer at that time. I'd like to see a new SC operative in whatever the new game is, with codex-style conversations with Sam Fisher.
This. They can have a cutscene or a mission where they're attacked if they really want Fisher kicking ass.
If Ironside is something that can make or break the experience (and in Blacklist for me it honestly was) then I'd say you don't really care about Splinter Cell the franchise, but you care about Splinter Cell nostalgia. Most likely Chaos Theory nostalgia, to be exact, but it's obvious that experience isn't coming back. If they promote the games on nostalgia and we hype the games on nostalgia, it will be an inevitable disappointment. Imho they'vee been goingalmost entirely in the wrong direction with Blacklist and Double Agent. Splinter Cell's story or characters aren't interesting, but the setting and the conflict are! I don't care about Sam's family drama, give me more of spies vs mercs and deniable ops. Diverge from the mold and make something new, while keeping the fascinating world.
https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/1128410419985469440 https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/1128413344304472064
https://youtu.be/Vlnh0KLVJJ0 Reminder
Ghost Recon Wildlands had a mission with Fisher(voiced by Ironsides) that might've hinted at a new game.
https://twitter.com/jgerighty/status/1128403280156143616?s=19 Reverted account back to what it was, this game has been leaked a handful of times already. Wonder why they at least haven't confirmed its existence yet.
With the new GR just announced, I guess they want to focus the hype on that for the time being.
Maybe it's because I want a new Splinter Cell but I think that's the least funny joke I've heard in my life.
Even if they can't get Ironside back, Jack Bauer plays such a generic and boring Sam Fisher. Not that it matters all that much imo, because Blacklist is still a good game, it just doesn't feel like a Splinter Cell game, it's just a better Conviction. What I want from a new Splinter Cell game most of all is a revival of the Spy Vs Merc gamemode. Blacklist did that gamemode really dang well, it was just horribly buggy and had terrible connection issues for way too long, if it had been more polished I think it could have stuck around cause it was a super unique and fun asymmetric multiplayer game.
I would also love a return to the Spies vs Mercs gamemode. It was so much fun back in Chaos Theory and Double Agent. Every iteration afterwards though seemed to make it more action oriented though which kinda bugged me. Spies having lethal guns sorta felt like it defeated the purpose of actually using stealth in order to complete the mission.
To a degree I agree with you, but overall I feel like the changes they did to Spy Vs Merc in Blacklist, it felt much more balanced than it did in Chaos Theory where nobody ever wanted to play Merc and the spies felt vastly overpowered.
damn. I forgot how nice the MGS soundtracks all were.
R6:Siege is amazing, I hope if we get a new Spies vs Mercs it's as compelling as Siege.
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