• Doris Day passes away at 97
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She had great boobs back in the day.
Was this ban truly justified? I feel like mods ban if they just dislike a post.
always been like that here
When you make a post like that, you oughta know you run the risk of being banned. Absolutely a justified ban, imo, though I wouldn't think twice if they let it slide either.
That's pretty much how it works.
I'm sure facepunch can survive cannabis's absence for two days
if you said that in the workplace or a school classroom would you be punished? definitely, don't see the issue
Facepunch is srrs business Until 9/11 comes at least
I disagree with it being justified. I also disagree with that mod's "crass and insensitive" remark. "Crass"? What are you, fucking a hundred years old? The last person I've heard use the term "crass" was my 96 year old grandfather. Doris Day was in all sorts of sex movies in the 60's. I choose to remember her by her amazing rack.
Discontinue being crass at once you cow-handed whippersnapper.
It's very clear to me that you haven't heard the word "crass" used much bro
You did rightly.
I mean you can't just say what he said without providing cleavage-based evidence. Totally justified ban.
How often have you heard the word "hoser"? Just curious.
How about when you see an article about a great actor or artist dying, don't have your only comment be about their breasts. Simple enough? If you don't get why it's shitty to do so, I don't care, just don't do it.
You seem to be forgetting the golden rule of "everyone has an opinion". Our opinions differ. It's not a case of "I don't get why it's """shitty""" to do", you complete and utter buffoon.
Everyone has an opinion sure, but people don't get to act however the fuck they want. That's what all the other rules are for. It's rude and insensitive to comment like that
Look at her boobs and tell me that it was insensitive. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/322274/d5cda009-b12b-49a7-b4b5-09243b8844f0/image.png Wait...are we allowed to post boobs?...shit, I may have just earned myself another ban. Oh well, going to bed. Guess I'll discover my fate in the morning
Dude what are you doing lol Shame about her passing. She lived a full life and had a long and successful career. Shame she had to live through the death of her only son.That's gotta be terribly painful.
Why is death via pneumonia so common for older people?
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