• Adobe is forcing people to upgrade to newer versions of CC apps
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https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/a3xk3p/adobe-tells-users-they-can-get-sued-for-using-old-versions-of-photoshop If CS6 had any kind of HiDPI support I'd still use it.
TL;DR The license for some of the third party libraries used in their older CC programs expired, which means that to continue to be in the clear legally you need to either uninstall the software or update to a version where this is no longer the case. It's extremely unlikely that anyone other than Adobe will be affected by the legal implications of this.
Oh great. Cant wait for customers to come to me throwing a stink over shit that ain't related to me. Can't wait for the "You reinstalled the OS, its your fault my licence dont work anymore".
But there's literally nothing wrong with creative cloud guys! It's cheaper than buying it outright! Well, unless you used to buy a version and keep using it for as long as it fits your needs (like I've been doing with CS6 for fucking years) but it's totally cheaper and has no downsides!
Yea, I have seen a lot of people jump onto Adobe's throat for that. Its a bit similar to how some games have been stopped selling because their license for the music ran out. Except with games you don't have to worry about running licenses as the user. Not saying CC is great though, especially with them removing some cheaper payment plans its not in good shape right now I see a lot of people switch of Adobe stuff, although its mostly individual people. Especially since there are actually quite some decent alternatives to Adobe stuff nowadays, some free, some relatively small one-time payments compared to old Adobe stuff. https://twitter.com/Everblue_Comic/status/1128043039971086336
I'm still pissed Allegorithmic was bought out by Adobe. I love the Substance programs, but I'm sure they'll eventually be absorbed into the CC.
How is a typical consumer supposed to know this shit? Like, let's say you use your completely legally bought older version of CC on a computer and don't update it, then suddenly you get a subpoena in the mail for something you had no clue about? I know you said it realistically won't happen, but it could. Expiring software is stupid.
CS5 4 life
What the fuck happened to the first sale doctrine
I highly recommend Inkscape for vector related projects; I've been using heavily for about 4 years now and I fuckin' love it.
I really got to move away from Adobe stuff, but everything I have is setup in Photoshop/Illustrator ect which makes switching hard. Also Premiere is so good, closest program I have is Vegas but I haven't used it for over a decade and I basically have to relearn how to do everything.
I'm not upgrading at all, I'll risk it, it works the way I want it. The one time I did update my Photoshop the extensions broke and support closed all the support tickets I opened saying they were solved without even doing anything, giving me a grand total of 1 free month, so fuck them.
Vegas pro for $25 https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-even-more-rebundle I prefer premiere, but its $25
Just note that anything by Magix is absolutely ad-laden. It's worse than various of those 'free download' sites that re-share freeware.
A thread a few days ago said it's a good reminder how you never really own your software any-more, it's just a licence to use them. I've never had a licence to begin with, so I don't really care to much. I've paid more money to communities who develop shit used in adobe products, the work they can do is really good, and I want them to actually succeed in it, because I know that piracy can affect them in some hard ways
Yeah it's annoying, you can turn it off though.
As a freelancer, I'd happily move from Adobe to other software, the problem is that it would mean that other people/studios I work with would have to do the same and it's just a lot less convenient/viable to do so.
Eh on this list only CSP gets close to be a replacement photoshop on this and even then it doesnt for alot of use cases.
The list mostly applies for freelancers or individuals really. Most of those people never use the full scope of Adobe software, so most of those on the list are good alternatives in my opinion. I know a bunch of artists, just 2D drawing, who used Photoshop for that, good amount switched to CSP/SAI or others and they just continue with those as usual.
Yea for some use case it can make sense, still isnt accurate to present them as "replacement" for photoshop when the feature set isnt comparable for alot of professions. You have to look at the software as a whole and all the tools it offers. It can be very misleading advice for alot of people. Yea adobe is a shit anti consumer company but a tool is a tool.
If Avid Media Composer had something like Premiere's live video nesting, I would switch to it in a heartbeat. It supports it for audio (and has a hilariously robust sound editing system, which I much prefer to Premiere's), but the only way you can "nest" video sequences is to prerender them. I otherwise absolutely love Avid and find it so much nicer to work in than Premiere. But the way I personally prefer to edit involves nesting so deep you'd swear I was a bird in a human suit (which of course is totally absurd right haha really how would such a thing happen). The fact that it's a popular editing tool for television (According to This Guy Edits, Starz for example uses it) is a big plus for me, too, since I'd love to have that as a potential career path open to me. Video editing isn't my first choice, but it is one I deeply enjoy, and I would be content with making a living out of it.
It's a subscription now, the fuck? I'm still on 7.0!
CC for Adobe started in like 2013. Although they sold CS6 until Early 2017. 6 more or less major updates since CC in 2013. CC updates are once a year for the next big version, so they are smaller then the old CS updates were.
If you are into 2D art clipstudio paint is a good replacement for PS and isn't too expensive.
I've used inkscape from time to time, It's easy enough to mess with and I'm not artistically inclined. Nothing fancy, just hand tracing flowcharts and shit in old pdfs.
If you need to create/edit vector graphics often but not exactly a professional I would recommend buying Affinity Designer when it goes on sale for $35 or even full price at $50. It's more than capable of doing everything you need provided there aren't obscure features you absolutely need illustrator for.
I've used Paint Tool Sai. If you do tablet drawing I can recommend it. It should be higher than an honorable mention, if I'm honest. Krita seems very similar but I haven't used it yet, but plan to soon
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