• Bethesda forgot to put Denuvo in the Bethesda Launcher version of Rage 2
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oops. https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/comments/bonihf/rage_2s_bethesda_version_uses_no_denuvo/ https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110042/cae3a955-6e6d-4fa1-abb7-fd749b54f0e5/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110042/74182582-5dd6-4130-89bd-16e67b5f23b7/image.png I'm not sure if posting links to that forum here counts as warez, so I wont.
That's certainly a better way to attract customers than what EGS are doing.
there's a joke to be made about Bethesda shipping a game so incomplete they forgot drm, but i have no idea about the completeness of Rage 2
Wheres the performance differences, cough em up
What a year so far, publishers are dominating cracking scene. First RE2 denuvo-less build slipped, then Resident Evil 2 and now Rage 2.
My bet is little to no difference but you never know.
I have no experience or training at all with game development, do I have a shot if I apply to 'Beth?
Post grads are accepted as senior directors I've heard.. Good Luck.
Keen to see comparison benchmarks, hope it chews CPU and is a nail in the coffin for denuvo
Er, aren't RE2 and Resident Evil 2 the same thing?
378MB of pure DRM, you can fit Terraria in there and still have some free space for mods with that space.
How the hell does DRM even take up that much space? I'm genuinely curious
my guess is, alongside denuvo functions that do decryption, environment checking, and networking to denuvo servers, parts (or all) of the binary code are probably extremely obfuscated to deter reverse engineers. adding stuff like junk code, fake paths, and code mazes can significantly increase the effort required to RE a binary, with the tradeoff of increasing your binary size and impacting performance
Might as well not even bother adding it back in at this point; DRM's primary purpose nowadays is to slow the development of a crack just long enough to entice all those initial sales, and it's pretty much worthless to the game's bottom line after the first month. If there's already a DRM-less version floating out there in the wild ripe for pirating, then the DRM's already been defeated without even being cracked.
Well, I have the Steam version and it's pretty crash-happy. Then again, this is using the same APEX engine that Just Cause 4 has, so it could just be because Avalanche has forgotten how to make a good PC port (Avalanche did the majority of the work on this game, id just did the story and characters, AFAIK). It's a shame, because I've still managed to log in 10 hours in the game and I actually enjoy it. I'd just enjoy it MORE if it didn't crash so often.
just cause 4 was done by the avalanche B team. The main team started work on rage 2 right after they finished mad max
Usage of Bethesda Launcher skyrockets 900%
There's always a difference. Some are very minor, some large. But they ALL suffer from MUCH longer load times with Denuvo
Incorrect. It's entirely up to where the developers put the Denuvo checks. If they whitelist file IO code as they should, it doesn't impact loading performance. In fact, a proper implementation should not impact performance much at all, and this is entirely up to the developers - not Denuvo. (I've worked on implementing Denuvo before)
Another thing that can go wrong developing, yipee This is not the case for Rage 2, data is out and apparently it loads way slower with Denuvo, no idea on FPS yet.
Well I'm not surprised a crappy game has a crappy implementation
Shit, I fucked up. Meant DMC5 and RE2.
Huh, seriously? Wow I thought it was running on idTech, it certainly felt and looked like it.
Nah, one of those opening "here are all the companies that made this game" splash screens when you launch the game is the "This game is powered by the APEX Avalanche Open-World Engine" one.
I wouldn't call it a crappy game at all
It's well made, but it feels, empty. Like, the open world is too open, there is not a lot of stuff between places, it's just set piece to set piece.
That seems to be a trend with Avalanche Studios games. JC3 was like that, too, and apparently JC4 even moreso.
I've refunded it for this exact reason. I've already grinded the hell out of Just Cause and Mad Max, they were fun games with great mechanics but I just can't face another bare open world with samey outposts scattered throughout a skipable story-line. With that said, the gun play was absolutely solid and really shone through on the hard difficulty, the weapons both looked and sounded amazing while in use and i do miss the enhanced maneuverability gained from having abilities a bit already, but i can quite happily wait for the game to come out on sale for £15 in a year like just cause and mad max have done.
The terrible thing is they're gonna "fix" it by implementing Denuvo in a now already cracked game, rather than removing denuvo from the other storefronts of Rage. I guarantee it. It's not only anti-consumer, it's also a completely illogical reaction to what happened, but i fucking guarantee it, because why would a company every do anything sensible.
I'd disagree. It's not empty by any means, but what's there has little variation between instances of the same encounter type. I'm enjoying the game generally speaking. It gets better in the later stages of progression once you have all of your abilities and weapons and they are pretty well upgraded. Combat becomes a bit more flowing and your ability to deal with problems is broadened. But before then it just feels like a slog. To be honest it feels like they couldn't decide between Doom 2016s combat or not. There are some parallels in how killing enemies will create healing resources and it seemingly encourages aggressive combat, melee in particular with lunging melee attacks. But then if you try to melee an enemy soon after first hitting them, you get hard countered where the enemy takes no damage, you get stunned for a moment, and you take fairly significant damage. In general the game seems to want to encourage you to play hyper-aggressive, and that might work if you are able to chain Overdrive really, really well. But otherwise even just a handful of enemies can quickly overwhelm you. And guns largely lack any punch. Except for like the shotgun, in particular it's alt-fire mode, and maybe the incendiary revolver, no gun feels like it has any impact. Somehow a big energy minigun thing seems to do nothing in combat. Enemies will just stand there and take it. Story might as well not exist, aside from a couple of small moments of either entertainment or frustration. Instead you get told to meet some characters, you meet them and do a quest for them. Then you fuck off and they don't do anything for a while until you've completed bunch of open world stuff. Then you get another mission for each before being told to fuck off again. It does nothing to make you care for the characters or world.
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