• A new 'Mortal Kombat' movie will start filming this year
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A new 'Mortal Kombat' movie will start filming this year
Why do people think video game movies will ever work Det. Pika. works because it exists as more than just a video game, has an established cartoon and film history, is flexible while still being universal, and handing it off to someone who gets the point helps. But then you look at every video game film thats ever been made and its not impressive at all. There's extremely few cases of decentish quality, if any. Even if it gets a director that isn't a total jackass, it can still flop because it only truly appeals to the audience that plays it, who might not even care about films anyways. The established poor reputation of games doesn't help either.
Det. Pika is likely the exception that proves the rule. A lot of people (myself included) were expecting it to flop when they first saw the overly fuzzy pikachu
i think mortal kombat could make a good movie. the games are pure action, the stories are campy and theres a tonne of blood and gore. it would have to be an r rated movie for it to work however and the fight choreography needs to be on point.
Because the original Mortal Kombat movie did, to the point that the games actually incorporated not only elements from it but even one of the actors, and MK11 used a remix of its theme after so many years for the launch trailer. Then the sequel was made and everything went to shit, and the director went on to rape the Resident Evil series with his literal waifu action fanfiction.
The first Mortal Kombat was pretty decent. At its heart Mortal Kombat is just Big Trouble in Little China flavored capeshit.
Filmed in Australia? Kano origin story. MKCU on the way.
how about an MKCU over several years just like Marvel did? about single characters and their origin stories. and make some stories overlap for some good bashing. give it a good budget per film (for some really neat cgi), hire some talented witers, and experienced martial arts choreographist, dont fall short on the soundtrack and you got yourself a cashcow. make it gritty like Dredd, bloody like MK actually is, a little bit of humor like in Deadpool and over the top. WB would brush this off in an isntant though. damn, i just wish we could have more R-rated films with big budgets. maybe then we could finally have Lobo on the big screen aswell.
The original MK movie heavily influenced the games, hell, the latest one has three characters based specifically on how they were portrayed in the movie
It's naive to think they couldn't ever work. The issue with game movies is always the execution. There's plenty of properties that can and have worked as films. The ones that don't often have way more going on than simply "being based on a game". Studio meddling, cheap and bad picks for not only actors, but directors/writers and producers. Major liberties. There's even been a few that are provably better in its intended cut. I recall the original Hitman movie had a major plothole that was constantly referenced as its biggest issue, and the explanation was in the deleted scenes. Detective Pikachu is based on a random spinoff. It didn't work "just because theyve made cartoons" which have been rank for at least a decade. There's been a decent number of video game movies that are straight up intentional scams too. Tax breaks/insurance, ads that already paid for the movie, Uwe Boll comes to mind. It's lately become a self fulfilling prophecy of "video game movies are always bad, so why spend the money and effort when we can easily cash in on the name?". In short, I don't think video game movies have some dumbass curse that makes them bad just because their source was a game. Half the time the bad ones are bad because they stray too far from their source material. There's a lot of games that could nearly translate 1:1 into a film (the last few MKs included) but they rarely do this. They always add some ridiculous extra shit that makes no sense and would be shit not only to the casual viewer, but to the fan as well. Resident Evil's protagonist doesn't even exist in the game. Agent 47 added this random ass superpowered chick that makes 47 look like a sidekick. Super Mario Bros is a random sci-fi flick about evolution with barely any resemblance to anything Mario. When you look at the top 40 list of worst to best video game movies a LARGE chunk of it is Uwe Boll who we know makes bad films to use german investment tax breaks, possibly using video game properties to make them look more legitimate. It's like adapting anything else. Books, shows, comics. It totally depends on who is adapting it, and how much they actually care. Simple games have shown to be able to have good ideas from basically nothing, the original MK and angry birds for instance. More cinematic/story centered games are made in ways that they can almost be copypasted, people can find enjoyment watching youtube "movies" of all the cutscenes and certain gameplay parts mixed together. But these movies don't tend to do that, there's ludicrous liberties coming out of left field oftentimes. I don't think it's too big of a conspiracy to presume some of these shitty scripts existed in a different generic form and were re-tooled to associate them with a profitable brand.
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