• Here we go again - Valve trademarks new Dota 2 game
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https://www.thenerdmag.com/dota-underlords-new-game-announcement-imminent-at-the-international-2019/ https://trademarks.justia.com/884/17/dota-88417315.html
Probably the standalone autochess game since they picked up the devs for it
Likely autochess, but if it isn't then that's hilariously blind.
Also betting on Autochess.
Honestly if it is Autochess Im super excited, autochess is really fun but it has its own clunks mostly because it's a mod for an existing game
Can't wait to see the next soulless DOTA2 cash grab
Would be surprised if its anything actual Dota related, on top of my head I would have no clue what they could even make. So Autochess seems the most likely choice
They didn't like the last Dota2 game we made, so clearly we weren't making Dota2 games correctly, that's it!
Some people are saying it could be an Artifact rebrand / expansion
Turns out that the trilogy that they're completing isn't Half-Life, it's DOTA 2.
Are gamers seriously a joke to these companies?
My expectation was low when i first saw that. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211446/35d2bf13-9650-4efa-aa96-4c7f6b04829b/image.png
Artifact remaster
Valve really don't get that Dota players just want to play Dota. If someone has been playing Dota 2 every day since it was launched why would you think they'll play a Dota themed game? That's time they'd miss playing Dota 2.
hate to break your fantasy but you do realise AutoChess was huge enough to make people play dota just for it, right? And there was a bunch of news articles on it?
They already have Dota 3 trademarked, so until we hear anything from Valve, I'd personally just ignore this
Yup. A lot of my friends downloaded Dota 2 just for Auto Chess and I also got addicted. Should be another milk machine for Valve
Im betting this is the VR title they were teasing was going to be announced later.
I'm not saying there aren't Dota players who will play other stuff. I'm saying Valve want something as big as Dota 2 and they're trying to draw the Dota 2 players. AutoChess players playing Dota 2 to get in game items or whatever does not necessarily translate to Dota 2 players jumping on to AutoChess. Fuck off with your "abloo bloo ahlf life 3" bullshit, I've long since given up on Half-life 3 being a thing. I'm just saying Dota 2 has extremely consistent player numbers and if Valve are trying to get those players into another game they're doing it wrong.
You'd be surprised how many people like Dota and the Dota world they've developed and also like other games. There are literally dozens of us. In a strange coincidence the number probably matches the remaining artifact player base.
What the hell is autochess? A car-based chess game?
It's a Chinese custom map/mod for Dota. It's played on a "chess" board but you have no control over the units you play (auto).
I don't even really see people actually talk about DOTA2 at large anymore unless it's in relation to Artifact's failure as a paid spinoff to the F2P game.
How the hell does that work?
I'd assume, never having played it mind, that it is more about picking the correct unit or combination of units for the board or something.
It's probably the most fun Dota mod that there is, and it reminds me very heavily of when Dota was originally made in WC3 in 2004. You pick units, and they automatically fight on the board for you. It's about unit knowledge, unit synergies, and mind gaming your opponents. it's a lot of fun, download Dota and you can play it for free. If Valve aren't going down this road, and this is some other project, I will be very disappointed.
RTS on dota engine please.
Jesus people are ignorant in their Dota hate. This is like saying Portal was the next Half Life cash grab. Sounds like nonsense, right? Yeah I bet it does, as it should.
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