• Rick & Morty Season 4 - November 2019
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hopefully it's better than season 3 was, for all the hype it generated it was kind of a lackluster one for me compared to the first two.
wubbalubbadubdub my fellow intellectuals!
The first two seasons felt weaker to me than season 1; but they both still have some great episodes in there. I'm interest to see if Season 4 continues the trends which I'd be content with, but I'm hoping that since they have such a large production secured that maybe it'll positively influence things since they are assured they have so many episodes. Not that R&M really tried to worry about continuity all that much outside of Evil Morty.
Wasn't season three mostly about the lead writer self focusing on how his irl marriage was falling apart and he wanted to project that through rick and mory? Or at least something about major interference from why season three was so bland compared to season one.
Ngl I really hope the shitters that showed up late season 2 / throughout season 3 fanbase wise have fucked off by now so I can mention the show without hearing 300iq, intellectual, etc.
Please let Dan Harmon not shit up the script like season 3 due to his own personal issues
From the few interviews I've seen it looked like Dan Harmon was also not happy with a lot of the episodes he wrote for Season 3, The Vindicators in particular
I've almost forgot a new season was even coming out. I think it's good it took a long break between the seasons. It let's some of the more obnoxious memeing and fans to die down.
Just in time for a Wendy's collab too.
Nothing is sacred, if it's popular it will attract shitters, people will hate it out of principle, the more popular something is the more magnified this effect.
Season 3 wasn't as bad as people say IMO. While it had some of the "meh"-est episodes of the series like The ABCs of Beth and Rickmancing the Stone, it had The Rickshank Rickdemption and The Ricklantis Mixup, the latter of which is probably up there for one of the best 22 minutes ever shown on television, period. I think the major reason for the critical outlook of the season was the fact that the April fools release of the premiere was the tipping point for the fandom where it went from casual sci-fi fandom to "Pickle Rick Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub Szechuan reEEEe etc.". That negativity started to make people look at the show a hell of a lot more critically to declare it an actually mediocre show.
I'm not sure how many of those shitters actually existed to begin with, tbh. I think the memes about them far outnumbered the actual shitters.
the collective "getting over" rick and morty that happened basically in the blink of an eye was patently bizarre and ironic too, considering the hate centered all around pickle rick, when that episode lays out exactly the same criticisms of rick that the hate bandwagon did
Reeeeee https://youtu.be/-GC5rAX0xHg
The ABCs of Beth was my favourite episode last season. Don't know what you're on bout. Rickmancing the Stone was weak though.
Szechuan sauce wasnt that good
I'd like to see more of Bushworld Adventures than this.
I hope they do like they did prior to April Fools Day and disable chat access for new accounts until the season ends. Rick And Morty may pull in ratings but the entire live stream staff was so sick of the constant demands to air each weeks episode on the live stream because the more toxic fans HAD to see it at zero hour but didn't want to pay for cable or other means to watch it.
Fucking YES it's coming out on my birthday! This is (probably) going to be a good birthday, or so I hope.
can't wait for more Bushland adventures! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6yg4ImnYwA
I watched rick and morty so long ago i cant even remeber where i saw it, i guess it was some 112231freemoviesfree112.com but where do you other people see it?
I swear if this was an official episode I would still rank it pretty damn highly. I DID SOME SCIENCE TO ME PORTAL GUN, AND NOW ITS ALSO A REAL GUN. I GOT A REAL GUN MORTY
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