• Selena Gomez says social media is 'terrible' for young people
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y3lKycQaho https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-48279691
I wouldn't limit it to just the young. It's terrible for everyone.
Water wet, so I hear.
Do what I say and not as I do. Besides, she has been a driving force in social media for younger people. Seems hypocritical.
In those days, some thinks it's dry...
The only reason I keep social media is for the messaging part, otherwise it would have been deleted a while ago.
i only use social media for memes
fuck time limits pull all the plugs go back to msn
The internet was better before the days of social media. I remember growing up in the early 2000s both the TV, my parents and school taught me that you never reveal your real name or address online and to never post photos there, cut to present time and you're considered a weirdo unless you hang out your whole life on Snapchat or Instagram or whatever.
That's how I grew up with it, too. My first PC was a Packard Bell 486, 56k internet, and the rule was NEVER put anything personal on the internet. It was like the CB Radio. You never used your real name or gave away personal info there, so why would you on the internet. I don't know how the hell it turned around, but it's sad. You could literally stalk anyone from a chair in your home now
Social media has it's pros, but it's got a lot of cons too. I've been social media free for a few months, and it's made my existing friendships stronger, but it's made it very difficult to make new friends I find.
My bet it is turned around at least in part because our parents made it taboo, because I remember it as well. Never give your name, never put photos of yourself anywhere, never say where you live - all advice just lost. Hell, even my own parents went against that by joining social media. It's a total 180. But I think it just started as the usual rebellion against your parents, y'know, that's in part why I didn't mind it at least. The mindset of "Oh, come on, it won't be that bad".
It's way worse for the older generations. The youth just has bullying issues, but a majority of kids know how to block and handle it. The older generation can't figure shit out if you spelled it for them, and it influences them like mind control. See: 2016 elections and onward
I really hate this instagram influencer shit where the product that they're selling is that they're basically popular and have a lot of followers. I know this is basically what celebrities are but kids try to do it too and it's fucking everybody up.
At least actors and singers perform. A lot of Instagram influencers are just well known for being rich, or making it seem like they're rich.
I nearly lost my battlenet account for not using my real name. Manage to fix the problem by contacting support though, but it was a bit of an ordeal.
I honestly think social media will be the death of the truth. With how easy it is to make up conspiracy theories and spread them nowadays what's stopping lies from becoming the norm? This is worse than the days of yellow journalism and state propaganda. These lies aren't being force upon people, they actively seek it out and believe it.
Every new technology has come with the caveat that it’s destroying society. While I personally don’t use social media much at all anymore, it has also allowed me to build a career in art, and allowed me to keep in contact with all my friends back home when I’m missing them, and meet people around the world. There is a way balance social media usage for its positives without drowning in its negatives.
There's a difference between the internet and social media. Social media is basically a consolidation of all things on the internet. Within one platform you have people showing off art, talking about a disaster, and neo-nazis pushing their extremist ideas into the norm. There being a sort of one-stop shop to information is a very dangerous thing because all of this being out there in a singular place only creates isolated communities that refuse discourse. If people were forced to go to multiple places for their content it would most likely provide a greater intake of foreign ideas that challenger bias. The extremists would be left to their own devices in their insignificant websites that don't have the power to influence society at large.
Not as awful and damaging as the show she produced, 13 Reasons Why
Im sure "social media" as a concept is way more damaging than that dumpster fire of a TV show, just based on the fact that nearly everyone has interacted (or been forced to interact) with social media.
It's a communication tool, I would say it's harmfulness depends on it's usage and users. Wheras a TV show that glorifies suicides is far more 'directly' harmful, imo.
I see your point and thats definitely fair. At the end of the day, its just a rich, hollywood actor pretending to be "woke". Also apparently shes playing a "wifi zombie" according to the article, so this is actually just marketing for her film lmao.
She's clearly talking about like, kid kids. And she's a product of social media and marketing of children, not the cause. It's good that she's come out the other end to say stuff like this, whether or not we all say 'well obviously its not good' the world does not think that. Kids don't think that.
Come to think of it, I'm much more likely to pick the Tracer Tong ending these days than I used to be.
They'll be easier to debunk too, and truth becomes easier to spread as well. People have not become less informed or more superstitious as a result of the internet becoming widespread. Before you were simply less exposed to such people and they could have their conspiracies and witch hunts within their own insular communities. The landscape of the internet is very different from the times it was basically for tech hobbyists, whereas now smartphones are becoming widespread all over the globe and in many populous, poorly educated regions.
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