• Utah bus driver says he's not racist because his dog is black
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What the fuck, the kid wasn't even the last one leaving the bus. He just deliberately closed the door right when he was leaving Fucking hell, what a monster
"No, not at all, look at muh dog. He's as black as can be. HYUCK-HYUCK-HYUCK." What in the fuck, man. Why in the world would anyone think to say something like that, especially to a fuckin' news crew.
What do you bet his dog shares a name with HP Lovecraft’s cat?
I'm not racist, I have a black keyboard!
Dogs aren't racist at all - they're open border collies.
"I'm not racist because I have slaves"
Why can't journalists just title things the way they are, like "Man who claims to be not racist is in fact more racist than thought".
This is so dumb I can’t believe this to be true, like, is he just trolling the press or?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/242634/0620b713-d465-44b5-b25b-786f24a82438/image.png ?
How do we know that the motivation behind this was racial?
It's claimed he has a history of discrimination. You could get this information by reading the article, which is barely a few paragraphs long
that shit eating grin after he says it in the video tells you all you need to know about this guy
Muh TV's as black as can be.
sometimes I wonder how different society would be if we had an actual lie detector and people faced consequences for just absolutely lying to everyone all the time
What could be wrong with HP Lovecraft's choice of cat na- OH GOD
There would be a law that would forbide the use of a lie detector
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